Baby scooter dress McCalls M6727

I am going to Switzerland this weekend to see my baby niece who was born in July. Super Exciting! Decided to  make her a dress similar to the ones I have made for my girls here and the grumpy owls here. HUGE difference in the finish and the time it took me to make it.  I cant tell you how uber proud I am of the french seam finish and the neat bias binding!!!! Its so true – Practice makes……


…….progress. 😉

There are still loads of issues (which I wont go into~) but it is soooooooo much better than my last one.

What I love about McCalls M6727 is that it will last and grow with child. It starts off as a dress then it can be a top. My girls are still wearing theirs and will be until they are probably about 18 month I reckon. Thats great value for money.

m6727 m6727 m6727 m6727 m6727  m6727m6727


4 thoughts on “Baby scooter dress McCalls M6727

  1. This is adorable! I want to start sewing for some little ones. This looks like a good choice because it doesn’t have sleeves. Those tiny little armholes worry me! Your work is super! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks for your kind words. This M6727 is a great pattern. It grows with them because its a loose fit. My girls have been wearing theirs since 4 months as long dresses and they are still wearing them as knee length dresses at 9 months. They will probably still be wearing them as tops as they get bigger. Its versatile.

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