Fall 2014 Top 5 Autumn Must Sew Projects

So once I realised that I could not feasibly sew something for summer and start wearing it (on average i need 3 sittings in between a hectic demanding schedule that includes 7 month old twins, a 2 year old toddler ;being potty trained, a 4 and 9 year old). So, so, so…..I got to think about my favourite season of all time – Autumn/Fall! Yeahy!

This summer my sewing was not very organised hence I am determined to be a bit more organised <fingers crossed>. Here is my list of the absolute Top 5 projects I must sew and wear this fall.



1. Navy leggings. I wear leggings….a lot. These ones look good and are in ponte – a fabric I like. Not keen on the zips though so they wont feature in my version.

2. Contrast yoke top. The relaxed look and feel of this appeals to me, as do the fabulous contrasting prints. Plus long sleeves are a must for me in fall.

3. Peplum cardigan jacket a la McCalls 6844. I first saw this on Sew Busy Lizzie and I fell for it. Its a practical layering item that is also stylish. There is also a video sewalong by Craft Gemini! Win win all round!

4. Polka dot T-Shirt with Peter Pan collar. Whats not to love? The polka dots? The peter pan collar? the cuff detail.? I have been dying to make something with a peter pan collar 😉

5. Tweed skirt. This lovely skirt has me dreaming of checks and tartans. I am attempting to draft this one myself. I love love love this look. I could wear it with tights and boots <sigh> I cant wait.


So that’s me.


P.S. My list is not definitive…..probably add things along the way……..subtract….adjust……tweak……etc


Whats top on your project list for  this autumn fall?


11 thoughts on “Fall 2014 Top 5 Autumn Must Sew Projects

  1. Hello.
    Agree with you on the Peter Pan collar, I have no idea why I have this sudden need for one but I do!
    A contrast yoke top is a brilliant way to bust a fabric stash.

    Look forward to seeing your garments when you make them up.
    All the best



    1. Thanks Miss J! I am scrambling about trying to sort out which fabrics I will use while resisting the temptation to buy more more fabric 😉


    1. Just checked out Bianca and thanks for the link! She made an amazing looking version with the green fabric! Definitely want it in the green as well now …


      1. Go for it! I joined Pattrrn Review and checked it out before cutting my fabric yesterday. Apparently it is on the bigger side size wise and most reviewers advised going a size smaller. Will blog million e as soon as I am done with it.


  2. Also, I am seriously amazed and impressed that you can sew anything with such young kids! It took me until my youngest was 3 or 4 to really get sewing. And you have twins. Seriously. You should be proud of yourself.


      1. I hear that! I am so much happier now that I am making more. I tried to build it into my life when my youngest was born, but I was just too overwhelmed with having a baby. Once she got older and I got back to making things, I was so much happier.


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