Couture Coco – Tilly and the Buttons


I love Coco! Its been said. First one was a dress now the second one is a top.

To add a unique couture detail I crocheted the collar, hem and sleeve hem. These I made separately, blocked then hand stitched the on (long painstaking but well worth it!) The result is voila!

Coco Montage

I will say it again ” I love lurve Coco”


I did have a couple of issues with the pattern though. While the instructions are excellent I struggled with the sleeve attachment (dont know whether its just me but I find a set in sleeve much easier than flat sleeve construction)..

Bulky pocket seams…….My only other main gripe is with the pockets; the patterns calls for a stable knit fabric i.e. on the thick side not drapey like T shirt jersey which is great. But when you fold it over itself  for making a pocket where you have 2 folded seams meeting at the corners IYSWIM – it got dicey for me. The corners were quite bulky and I really struggled to make it look neat.In the end I used instructions from a sewing Dictionary book which basically reduces the bulk by making a mitered corner. That seemed to do the trick. Though for future projects I will probably skip the pockets.

The trim on the hem puckers a bit and I should have made it a bit longer…but I was so keen to finish and wear this top I thought a little puckering is ok……I know better now! Next time I will make sure its long enough. 😉

I have this a few times already and I love it! Plus it washes well on a 30 degree cycle!


8 thoughts on “Couture Coco – Tilly and the Buttons

  1. Oh wow I love this top, it’s gorgeous and what a lovely colour too! I’ve been reading your blog and have enjoyed it, I have just got into sewing and made my first top from scratch last week (I copied a top I already owned that I like). I also start a sewing class in January making sort furnishing stuff like curtains.
    I look forward to reading more 😊


    1. Thank you Annabel! Congratulations on making your first top! Its such a wonderful feeling, being able to make garments and soft furnishings. I stopped by your blog and your post had me laughing so much! I like your writing style :-).


  2. Oh my, clever lady! I’m just contemplating a Coco from some lovely sweatshirting I’ve had for a while and looking for inspiration an I certainly found it. Love the crochet detailing- soooooo beautiful. 🙂

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