Why I love autumn….

I read a post inspiring post the other day on charspillane.com ………. I laughed out loud at the bit about people jumping in leaves and not knowing what’s lurking underneath😁 So true and can totally related. So the days are getting shorter and the sunshine isnt quite as bright; the last couple of days I had been feeling on the low side – the SADS side and was in need of some positivity. Continue reading


Colette Mabel Number 2 or Slow and Steady wins the race


Everything that could go wrong with this make went wrong. Its not my best and I know why ; I really believed I could make it in an hour and rushed to hit the deadline because…well….I had only an hour before kids got back from school and little ones woke up from their nap. I hadnt sewn in so long I was just dying to do something and get the buzz of wearing it. Needless to say I had to unpick and cut so many times the skirt became way too small. But its a knit so it stretches. Anyway I felt so deflated afterwards like I wasted so much time and felt like I was never going to be a good sewer etc etc. A couple of days later i had an epiphany and decided to write myself this post so I can always remember and NOT make the same mistake again.

So here Goes. Slow and steady wins the race. So many times I am filled with passion, the passion of life,  and yes a passion for completing more projects. Continue reading

New Look 6170 Boys Fleece PJs

New Look 6170 Children’s Pyjamas Sewing Pattern Review

This weekend I decided to make some fleecey pj bottoms for the little men in my life. ( in truth I start to feel guilty if I do more than 2 makes for myself ;-{). So anyway I had bought this really funky fleece a couple of weeks ago and on Saturday night I made these using New Look 6170 They were dead easy to make although the sizing is on the big side. My 2 year old is now wearing the  hedgehog meant for his 9 month old sister ;-). Adding the ribbing at the ankle was I mod I did so that they can keep snug in winter. Continue reading post