New Look 6170 Boys Fleece PJs

This weekend I decided to make some fleecey pj bottoms for the little men in my life. ( in truth I start to feel guilty if I do more than 2 makes for myself ;-{). So anyway I had bought this really funky fleece a couple of weeks ago and on Saturday night I made these using New Look 6170 They were dead easy to make although the sizing is on the big side. My 2 year old is now wearing the  hedgehog meant for his 9 month old sister ;-). Adding the ribbing at the ankle was I mod I did so that they can keep snug in winter.

new look 6170

new look 6170

New Look 6170
New Look 6170

2 thoughts on “New Look 6170 Boys Fleece PJs

  1. Once I learned that I could sew for myself, I sort of stopped sewing for my kids… ;0) I also begged my Mom to do that sewing week where you sew for your kids and sew for me. For some reason, she didn’t go for that, but now I actually finish my own projects, so I guess I can make it even if she doesn’t sew for me. I should probably sew some things for my kids, too. I think your stuff is amazing. It has been so much fun to look through your blog.


    1. Thank you! My kids won’t let me NOT sew for them! Especially the older 2 I made these for. They are constantly asking for stuff and complain that I make too many dresses for the twins. So they keep me in check otherwise I’ d happily sew for me me me and me. 😉


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