Colette Mabel Number 2 or Slow and Steady wins the race


Everything that could go wrong with this make went wrong. Its not my best and I know why ; I really believed I could make it in an hour and rushed to hit the deadline because…well….I had only an hour before kids got back from school and little ones woke up from their nap. I hadnt sewn in so long I was just dying to do something and get the buzz of wearing it. Needless to say I had to unpick and cut so many times the skirt became way too small. But its a knit so it stretches. Anyway I felt so deflated afterwards like I wasted so much time and felt like I was never going to be a good sewer etc etc. A couple of days later i had an epiphany and decided to write myself this post so I can always remember and NOT make the same mistake again.

So here Goes. Slow and steady wins the race. So many times I am filled with passion, the passion of life,  and yes a passion for completing more projects.

Thinking about Aesop’s fable of the Tortoise and the Hare: Their race is just like me with this project. In my perfectionism, I had no doubt that I could finish this skirt in an hour, but I just needed to do something else first, it will only take a few minutes away from the task at hand. That Tortoise is so slow, she won’t get anywhere while I go an take care of business. While the Tortoise is steadily plodding away, one step, one tiny slow  step. She is focused on the final prize and never takes her mind off it. Slow and steady! So while the Hare is off doing who knows what, the slow and steady Tortoise has gotten to the end of the race by taking those consistent steps day in and day out. Every thought process is geared toward the prize of a well sewn completed project.

Perseverance: Slow and Steady wins the race: Is my rally cry.

No more flash in the pan and crash and burn mentality. I have learnt my lesson. It has never worked for long. I am going to accomplish my goals with my new attitude. One foot in front of the other until I finally complete whatever project I am working on. I am not going to overwhelm myself with daunting tasks and projects that even Superwoman could not accomplish in a lifetime. Know my limits and do a little each and every day. Before I know it, my skills will have advanced and my (and my family’s) closets will be filled with handmade items lovingly made by me. And heck I might even be able to participate in Me Made May 2015 😉

Keep on Keeping on! <pictures included for painful exposure therapy for me when I want to go flash in the pan again! Scroll to pictures at your own risk ;-)>Mabel 2 Mabel 2 mabel2 mabel2 mabel2


6 thoughts on “Colette Mabel Number 2 or Slow and Steady wins the race

  1. At least this is a start! I have never sewn with knits and don’t know if I dare yet :-/ I think you’ve done a great job; a staple skirt which will be a base for many other items 🙂


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