Why I love autumn….

I read a post inspiring post the other day onĀ charspillane.com ………. I laughed out loud at the bit about people jumping in leaves and not knowing what’s lurking underneathšŸ˜ So true and can totally related. So the days are getting shorter and the sunshine isnt quite as bright; the last couple of days I had been feeling on the low side – the SADS side and was in need of some positivity.

Along came charspillane’s Autumn Bucket post reminding meĀ thatĀ autumn is my actually favourite season (sometimes I forget to stop and smell the roses). So I thought I would write about things I love about autumn especially stitching project wise.

Warm tone colours – Aubergines, plums, burnt oranges, browns, tans, caramels, fudge, cocoa…mmm

Thick knit fabrics…warm, cozy, no fraying!

Leggings and boots….find me a top that doesn’t look good in leggings with boots and I will eat my hat!

Snoods and mitts….nuff said!

Needless to say I do feel better about the darker days now!


2 thoughts on “Why I love autumn….

  1. I do love Fall also—that and Spring are my favorite seasons! A lot of people feel like Fall brings about the end–the end of summer, the end of life in nature, dreary and lifeless–but it’s really a period of transformation, gearing up for the moment of rebirth. A period slumber, if you will, when the earth takes on a peaceful beauty.

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