A Winter’s Giselle

Winter is coming…but I love this pattern so I thought I would make it in a wintry interlock fabric. I first saw Giselle way back in April I think on Esty and its literally been sitting in my Etsy basket since then. When this month challenges were announced I chose the Dakota initially because I thought I couldnt make a Giselle in our winter here and wear it. But then I had this interlock thick knit fabric that was destined to be a shift – y type dress. Despite all my rationalisations I still couldn’t get Giselle out of my mind, eyed up the fabric and the more I looked the more I saw the fabric only become a winter Giselle. I love the feminine boho seventies vibe of the pattern especially the fitted midriff. I could picture it with my boots and a cowl scarf.

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Marion Cardigan or 12 things I thought I knew about knitting but actually had no idea!

I literally  stumbled upon this Marion Cardigan KAL while reading another blog sidebar and thought why not? I had never been on a KAL before, the cardigan looked cute. It an Andi Sutterland design .The cropped waist appealed to me. BUT I wasnt willing to spend a lot of money on yarn for my first cardigan. So I searched online for a reasonably cheap yarn which led me to Red Heart Niki Aran in ruby. It is an acrylic wool mix which can be machine washed and dried (life is a lot easier for my garments if they can be machine washed; I have a beautiful Laura Ashley silk teadress that has been in laundry hamper for 6 months because it needs special care). Before getting into my rambles here are some pictures first OK?

You can really see how nice that rope is in black and white.
You can really see how nice that rope is in black and white.

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Working it: why the women who wear the clothes give fashion its power

I read this article and was very interested in what it has to say. Working it: why the women who wear the clothes give fashion its power


Its a topic I have struggled with. I work part time as an associate lecturer at a university, so when I am teaching I grapple with the concept of dressing for empowerment. I need to empower myself to be the best teacher I can be for my students. This article has got me thinking about why I spend so much time figuring out what to wear on the mornings that I have to go to work.
I like, am drawn to and probably feel most like ‘me’ in feminine silhouettes but I avoid these when teaching….why is that? Could I be better if I wore instead of the black trouser and black turtle neck ‘uniform’ attire I have somehow…..delegated….as ‘appropriate’ for being in front of university students? I think I ought to spend a bit more time  uncomplicating my relationship with dressing for work. What about you, how is your relationship with dressing for work? Do you have a favourite (work) outfit that makes you feel like “ain’t nobody gonna take me down! I am king of the world!” …and yes I do mean KING!

A Tale of 2 Named Dakota Shawl Dresses or how I got my sewing groove back…..

Dakota dress Front

As part of Froctober over at the Monthly Stitch I came across this pattern from Finnish designers Named. The curved hem line appealed to me so did the shawl collar. These past few weeks I had been on a bit of a low with my sewing so doing this project was a lifter definitely.

Dakota dressCollage

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