A Tale of 2 Named Dakota Shawl Dresses or how I got my sewing groove back…..

Dakota dress Front

As part of Froctober over at the Monthly Stitch I came across this pattern from Finnish designers Named. The curved hem line appealed to me so did the shawl collar. These past few weeks I had been on a bit of a low with my sewing so doing this project was a lifter definitely.

Dakota dressCollage

Right lucky for  me there was a sew along at HouseofPinheiro and A stitching Odyssey that I referred to when I struggled a bit with the actual instructions.

The shawl collar was a challenge easily overcome. The muslin was made using a red crepe that has been in my stash for many many years – it  has teeny tiny bit f shimmer and I love it! Strange thing is I couldn’t get those seams flat (is that a crepe thing?) but of course I still wear it! I did not like the small collar on me so I doubled it in size. The second one made in an deep aubergine purple ponte – it’s so comfy and warm perfect for autumn. I have been wearing it a lot with tights and boots.


Changes included making the shawl collar a bit bigger, reducing the hem line (I think this is made for taller people) and initially it felt weird on me lengthwise but once I took off 10cms all round I liked it better.

I also made it snugger by increasing the seam allowances from 10cm to 13cm on all vertical seams plus the 4 bodice darts (8 seams multiplied by 3cm = 24 cm reduction at waist). The ponte stretches so it is easy to get on an off. I raised the break point of the shawl collar higher. I would have liked it higher but it would not sit flat and this was the highest I could go without having to mess the proportions of the dress. Oh and I used sweater style cuffs instead of plackets and buttons. Hem finished with a contrasting satin emerald green bias. I am incredibly proud of this  – It. Was. Painstaking. But totally worth it ;-).


Verdit?? I like , really like it. I will make it again as a sleeveless dress maybe for spring and as a skirt with a thick waistband.

*the fabric was diffcult to photograph indoors…it was raining outside so it had be done indoors. The picture with the hem is the one showing the closest to the true colour of the ponte. Its such a lush deep purple 😉dakota dress back




15 thoughts on “A Tale of 2 Named Dakota Shawl Dresses or how I got my sewing groove back…..

    1. Thank you! I wasn’t too sure at first either but I do love it and am so glad I tried it. Definitely going to make different variations 🍭


    1. Thank you😄 I think it worked really well in the Ponte. The other thing is I moved the pockets to the front rather than sitting on the hips and I think that worked.


  1. Nice, I wasn’t too sure about the Dakota dress so I chose the Giselle. You look great and the color is fab, thanks for showing the mishap with the red that helps others in their sewing journeys!


    1. Thanks! I promised myself that my blog was going to show the “warts and all” of my sewing/knitting/crocheting adventures. I learn so much more from the ones that go wrong after all 🙂 I just finished taping the Giselle pattern! Looking forward to seeing your Giselle.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve spent so much time blogging I’ve totally neglected my sewing! I have doll clothes to make for Christmas, forget about for myself. Your dress is wonderful. Love the colors.


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