Three and half year old WIP finally finished!

I started making this just after I gave birth to my second son….. , who is now 4.5 years old. Yes. Its been sitting there in a carrier bag. This was a vintage skirt find and I recycled the fabric. There wasnt enough harvested fabric for a shift dress so skirt it was. My first attempt at self drafting was too small (I didn’t think to try the fit as I made duh!).

Sat in carrier bag for years until this past couple of months when I came by it as I was looking for something in the attic. So I decided to unstitch and start again because I fell for the fabric all over again. Unfortunately I had to loose the waistband and opted for a petersham faced waistband instead. But no worries, I LOVE petersham now, it was so easy to use and it created a lovely comfortable finish without the hussle of interfacing etc.

Red circle for mismatched pattern..
Red circle for mismatched pattern..

The pattern is based on a 70s high waisted four panel A Line skirt. I used an invisible zipper which I am quite proud of because I had been dreading it. With an invisible zipper foot and an omph and ah the deed was done in less than 5 minutes flat. I was happy, satisfied until I saw the fashion fabric side……ah well….cant win ’em all. I didnt have enough fabric to match up the patterns exactly so I let it go…let it go.

This is the first time I have lined a skirt and it was fun. The fabric is a medium weight rayon wool type (I say this with NO authority whatsoever) I think and it has a lovely swishyness to it. I didnt want to line it all so I only lined the half that has to slide easily on and off when putting on the garment. I found that when I was trying it on to check for fit the material sort of clung to my leggings IYSWIM.

But before lining the petersham had to go in. The book I referred to was really good (The Sewing Dictionary I think). A lot of handstitching around the zip….looking at the pictures now I do need to improve my handstitching among other things.

SkirtI am just so glad I have actually done this and finished it. Incredible feeling of finishing something….so much that I actually entered it into the Pattern Review Sewing Bee, which I was duly eliminated from ;-).


Hila X


14 thoughts on “Three and half year old WIP finally finished!

  1. No wonder you fell in love with it again, it’s truly gorgeous! Bet you will get lots of compliments on it too! Well done with your invisible zip and lining achievements (I have never lined before and have only done 2 invisible zips). The length is really flattering too, a great winter look. You deserve a medal for going back to a 3.5 year old WIP, good on you! 🙂

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  2. Oh, it must feel so good to have that WIP done! I have a couple WIPs that are a few years old and I am going to force myself to finish them this winter. Your skirt is really pretty– that fabric is great!


    1. Thank you Teri! . Yes it felt so good. Lije i had really achieved something :-).It was the fabric I really liked, I had not attempted a refashion before I found that skirt. WIPS are an occupational hazard of being crafty IMHO but having many of them I am thinking of a WIP Wednesday or some such thing to whip those WIPS into shape..


    1. Lols. I am getting there slowly, getting into the habit and of course the sewing blogging community is such a great motivator! Thanks for stopping by :-).


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