Here come the O W L S! Owlet sweaters for the Twinnage!

These cuties! Purple yarn is a Debie Bliss Cashmerino Aran and the grey is Red Heart Soft. It feels lovely and soft and of course its super wash.

Owlet 1Since my last knit (Marion cardigan) I have learnt to cast on for ribbing proper! It looks so much nicer than what I used to do before plus it is stretchy!.

I was a good girl and actually swatched using circular needles ;-). (Feel so grown up now).The gauge was perfect for the stitch gauge 18 stitch to 4 inches but the row gauge was 24 rows to 4inchs; pattern called for 28 rows to 4 inches. Went ahead anyway because the pattern instructions are to knit in inches so I figured I could get away with am imperfect row gauge using  my Size 5 needles. This is a Kate Davies pattern.

In hindsight,I should have just bought the same yarn in different colours for both jumpers rather than have to swatch twice! Lesson learnt!

The eyes are a coconut shell button that looks a lot lovelier than in the pictures.Owlet 3

New skills acquired ; Grafting underarm seams,Rib cast on and cast off.

Lovely thing is that they knitted up superfast and I was done in 2 weeks.Owlets 4

An observation on the wool though. Up till now I have not spent serious money on yarn and the Debbie Bliss has been the most expensive yarn so far. Oh my word though,…….Not all yarns are created equal is all I can say! It is so squishy, knits up beautifully ; made me finally get what “Stitch definition” means. Another lesson learnt. Although I will still be using the cheaper yarns while I am still a novice. I do look forward to when I can buy expensive yarn knowing that I can knit …..’like a BOSS!’




18 thoughts on “Here come the O W L S! Owlet sweaters for the Twinnage!

    1. Thanks Linda! They were quite easy actually. The cabling in the yoke is probably the most tedious bit but otherwise its a simple yoke. I highly recommend it for baby knits.


  1. Absolutely adorable!! And I can’t believe how quickly you made these! I’m a sucker for the pricey wool, the colours and textures are so much better. Luckily, I’m managing one jumper a year at my current knitting rate, so it’s just about affordable 🙂

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    1. Thank you! Oh I spend hours browsing the lovely pricey yarns, and one day I will get some :-). Yay for kids make ; they knit up really fast .


    1. Lols! This yarn i used is good for machine washing and drying but the cables could have better definition with loftier yarn. Unfortunately the yarns that give amazing cables is not machine washable.


    1. Thanks Georgia! Your words made me smile. 😃. The owlets are cute and I expect I will be making more as my little people grow out of the ones they have now.


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