LookBack Series Part 2 : Top 5 Misses

Top 5 2014 #sewingtop5

Time for some more looking back. What is it about navel gazing that is soo much fun eh? Anyho I dont have much by way of misses, 3 only and here they are

1. My attempt at a Colette Jasmine. This was the very first PDF pattern I bought and it was a really steep learning curve. Turned out it didnt work so well because I had scaled the pages! See my frustration ! Luckily this material was not my real fabric but it was a cheap polyester fabric I bought from a closing down shop at 90p/meter. It feels nasty on the skin especially when it warm and basically was recycled (as in thrown into recycling bin)! I didnt want to try Jasmine again but when I realised my mistake (weeks and weeks later) I resolved to give it another go at some point…..in the future…..

Collette Jasmine v1
Collette Jasmine v1

2. My second attempt at Mabel skirt. This was entirely my fault because I actually thought I could make it in an hour but….er….no. I am not there yet! I learnt that I seriously need to take it easy and just enjoy the journey of making the garment. Nuff said. ;=)


3. This Tilly and the Buttons Coco dress just did not work on so many levels. Again I was in a rush to ‘Just get the job done so I can wear it!‘ and consequently the stripes were not matched up. they sort of slope and arent straight (you can see it around the neckline and the hem). The hems were not …hemmed…..I just used my overlocker and left it at that. The pattern itself I had to take it in at least 2 sizes to get the fit I liked but in the end I didnt wear this after 4 or 5 times and the fabric has been ‘harvested’ for use in kids clothes.

Coco v1
Coco v1

Top 5 Highlights: Tell us about 5 non-sewing highlights of your year! 

This year has been a rollercoaster ride for me. My twins were born at home a year ago and surviving the first year of having twins, a 2 year old, 4 year old and 9 year old has been extremely affirming for me. I thoroughly love having 5 kids and relish the organisational challenges and logistical planning that comes with violin lessons, swimming lessons, Scouts, sport, Kumon, homework, etc.! To top it off we hosted Christmas to 17 extended family members! It was so much fun planning for the whole thing and it went well 😉 So yes I am happy with this year! Plus starting this blog and meeting so many talented, creative intelligent women has been wonderful and I look forward to 2015!


Top 5 Reflections: Looking back, what have you learned about sewing or yourself?

Mmmmm this requires some thought but I’d have to say that I have learnt the following about myself:

1. I have SSD (Serious Squirrel Syndrome~) 

“That pattern looks lovely…let me start that one..”


2. I sew best to a challenge. Most of my properly completed makes have been to meet a challenge deadline or the other. I joined The Monthly Stitch and keeping up with their themes has helped me to focus.

Top 5 Goals: What do you hope to achieve in 2015? Definitely….

Untitled Infographic

That’s all folks ;-).



8 thoughts on “LookBack Series Part 2 : Top 5 Misses

    1. I bought a few classes during the black Friday sale for £12.50 which was acceptable for me. So far I have been doing “40 Techniques Every Sewer Should Know” with Gail Yellan. So far so good. Who are your favourite instructors you’d reccommend? Thanks for your kind words about my chart ( i am such a visual person and needed something I could print out and display 🙂


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