Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge 2015

So I have a vintage pattern stash almost as big as my fabric stash, yet I’ve NEVER sewn any of them up. There’s got to be room for both in my stitching life …right? Otherwise, what’s the point of collecting vintage sewing patterns in the first place? Apart from the lovely illustrations of course? Since my reflections at the end of 2014 its become apparent that I work better to a challenge so..

Dipping my toe tentatively into the world of vintage patterns, I’m making a very simple Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge, (because er.. over-committing tends to be stressful…. and unnecessary) :

During 2015, I, Hila SaturdayNightStitch 😉 , will sew up ONE of my vintage sewing patterns. 


Details about the Challenge:

It was the brainchild of Marie at A Stitching Odyssey ( a seriously awesome blog if you dont already follow!)

I am working on a post on some of my unblogged makes from December last year but in the mean time I’d love to hear if you also love vintage patterns? Whats your favourite? Heres my favourite one: 


15 thoughts on “Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge 2015

    1. Thank you Theresa! I love the DVF wrap pattern dress! I was tempted to buy the book Famous Frocks: The Little Black Dress: Patterns for 20 Garments Inspired by Fashion Icons by Dolin Bliss O’Shea because it has a DVF wrap dress pattern in there which is apparently quite good but am still undecided. Its one of those things I would love to make when I am sufficiently ‘skilled’ up 😉


  1. Great idea! These dungarees are gorgeous! I have an increasing stash of vintage patterns too! Like you, I pick them up, swoon over the illustrations and then tuck them away in their designated pattern basket. So, here it is – I will be taking part and sewing my first vintage pattern this year – hooray! Just thinking about it makes me a little nervous though…

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    1. So lucky that you have escaped that particular quirk of sewing! They can quickly pile up and are so daunting. I have a lot of respect for people who sew up vintage patterns. I hope I can actually finish one – still its only January and there is the whole year 😉

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  2. I have a few vintage patterns that I inherited from my mother. Yes, I made a few of them years ago. I might still have some in my closet. This past October, I made myself a promise that I would start making more items for me. I sew for everyone else, but tend to leave myself out of the equation.

    Thus far, I’ve made two outfits for myself and am planning on starting another this weekend.


    1. You make really lovely things for your daughter! When it comes to making for yourself you have all the skills there – just making time for it can be hard. Looking forward to seeing your makes!


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