My Purple Haze Parisian Top!


How do you make a sweatshirt that’s (i) easy to make, (ii) comfortable, (iii) yet still cute enough to go  out in and (iv) fulfills a sewing challenge?

Well you make a Parisian top from Go To Patterns! Of course! Tadah!!!

Top front
We literally had the sun come out twice the whole day so my eyes are not used to the brightness!

I bought this pattern aaaaages ago when I saw it on Kollabora. I was mainly attracted to the peter pan collar (I went through a stage where I was buying any pattern that had a peter pan collar). It also sort of looked easy to make (I was still a sewing baby then). How right I was! This top has three quarter sleeves and cuff and a hem bands.  With the banded cuffs and hems, it makes the finishing so quick, so easy, plus I didn’t have to get my twin needle out.

One side is bigger than the other – but only slightly. Not bad for my first attempt at a peter pan collar with a slippery shifty fabric!

I jazzed it up by adding the paisley contrast cuffs and collar (from the stash). That collar makes it a standout. I held up a few different contrasting fabrics for the collar, but when I tried the purple paisley, sparks flew.  Yep I lurve this top.  It’s stylish, yet so comfortable.

My main fabric was a ponte roma (love love ponte) in purple, the contrast collar is a lightweight shifty viscose (not so keen on this). I am glad I used medium weight interfacing on the collar cause that fabric was a slippery as an eel! The construction was straight forward. The instructions are good. I liked that the narrow binding as facing meant I didn’t need some bulky interfaced neckline facing.  Instead of a cutting a fabric facing from my ponte I used some pink jersey bias binding I had in my stash. My interiors are not too shabby either 😉 Innards

Why make it now when I have had this pattern for so long? Well I realised that my colour for The Monthly Stitch solids February Challenge was purple. Plus I had this purple ponte for ages in my stash so…. Yeahy!! Stash busting! Go!

The Results: Another win!  I love it. It works well with jeans and leggings. There are a lot of options for differentiation. I could see myself making this up again! I mean you don’t even have to … now this is a big one … finish the edges!!  I serged this one up and finished it quite quickly. Love that! I think I need to do a broad shoulder adjustment. Though it is perfectly comfortable, looking at the pictures it looks like the shoulder is small… grr..parisian toptop backtope

Serger tails? Whats the deal? How can I deal with these neatly?

Speaking of serging – how do you deal with your serger tails (sergtails)? Mine look loopy cause I turn at the end and go over so it doesn’t unravel…Do you have a neat trick that makes everything looks nicely situated? Share please 😉  My next TMS challenge is Inside Out whereby I have to challenge myself to have super neat innards.

Happy sewing everyone and thanks for stopping by!


PS I love the twin needle finish BUT it is still fiddly.


28 thoughts on “My Purple Haze Parisian Top!

  1. I love/need this top! I have a little crush on anything paisley and an even bigger crush on Peter Pan collars, so this is right up my street! You’ve done a great job and I wouldn’t have noticed that one side of the collar was slightly bigger if you hadn’t have been so honest. I’ll definitely be purchasing this pattern – thanks for sharing! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Becky! Go for it! Its so quick and fast to make up! I love peter pan collars but I dont know why I hadnt got round to making one till now! BTW I like what you have done with your blog – like the bacground 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for your comments about my blog Hila – I fancied a bit of a change and the vintage theme seems fitting! I have just downloaded this and also the retro bowling bag pattern. The instructions look really well written and there are some useful tips too. Thanks for the heads up on this one, now all I need is some fabric! 🙂

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  2. So cute! I completely agree with you about slinky rayon knits. I made a gored maxi skirt last summer in a similar fabric and it was really tricky to handle. But your collar turned out really well — no worries on that point!

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  3. I have also had this pattern for ages and didn’t get it made before my pregnancy. Once I get my waist back I am looking forward to making it! Yours looks really nice– I love your paisley accents.

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  4. Cute or what, I really didn’t notice the collar size, as for your sergtails instead of doubling back over them leave a tail and pull it through your previous sewing with a crochet hook …does that make sense ??

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    1. Thanks Amanda! I foresee a lot more peter pan collars in my future. I am planing making one using some Eiffel Tower fabric – how cute will that be? Still have to find and buy said fabric but the chase is on!! 😉

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