Crochet a block a month February

Hi everyone,

Have I mentioned how I love to crochet. I do but other things have been taking up my time but I decided to do something about it.

I joined The 2015 BAM CAL on Ravelry.  (Block A Month Crochet Along)  Basically starting in January and ending in December they will have 3 squares each month, a main square (picked by the moderators), a filler square (which will be nominated and voted on by the members) and a 6” square (also selected by the moderators).

Its a chance to go slowly making a big thing. I plan on making an afghan for our lounge. I am calling it my Slow Crochet! Anyway here are my blocks so far.

I will be posting my blocks once a month as I go along.


What did you think? Which one immediately drew your eye?

Happy making everyone!



25 thoughts on “Crochet a block a month February

    1. Thank you for playing along Mrs P ;-). That one is called Pizzazz and it was very difficult for me to do. By far the most difficult. The other ones were relatively easy but required concentration. I had to unravel a few times because I lost count on one row then when I got to the next row the mistake became obvious.

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    1. The funny thing is the bottom right one is the one I actually messed up on so much that I didn’t finish the last 2 rows! I think us creative maker types are very hard on ourselves..non? Knitting is so much fun. When I got into making things I thought i would be crocheting a lot but then I tried knitting and I was hooked. What’s on your needles currently?

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      1. Yes, sometimes we are so critical of our makes – I would never have known!
        I’m making a little blue bolero to go with summer dresses. Still wishing for the warmer weather to arrive!

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    1. Thanks Sue! It looks like Pizzazz is turning out to be quite popular! I might give it another go and play around with colour placement 😉


    1. I hope so! I am working through the scraps of yarn I have left over so the colour matching is a bit hit and miss sometimes. I decided I wasnt going to buy yarn to make the blocks but to use whatever is already there. It will get interesting when I run out of theses colours that are dominating the 4 block…ick


    1. Isnt Craftsy just awesome? I too have a few classes that have just taken my sewing to a whole other level; and I havent even finished watching them through! 😉 Sadly I have yet to start on the Knit your own socks class I bought last year. Ah well.

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      1. I’ve watched most of mine, but haven’t actually ‘done’ the lesson. I think my next one is going to the the Islander jacket. I’ve had the pattern traced off for months, watched the video but not bought the fabric!

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  1. Bottom right for me too: think it’s the colours you’ve chosen as much as the design. I’ve had a stab at learning to crochet recently, but it certainly hasn’t ‘clicked’ yet! Thimberlina I need to check out those links you recommended…

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    1. I agree with you and looking at them again now I think its because they have 3 colours? With these I wasnt paying too much attention to colours but as I go along I will 😉


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