Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge 2015 Pattern Selection

Hello everyone,

How are you this fine March day. I don’t know what it is about March that has me all excited and tingly…perhaps its the signs of spring all around me – the song of the blackbirds, the odd bumblebee, the fattening buds about to burst, the stout daffodil stalks stubbornly poking through the ground. And of course crocuses. I love yellow crocuses.crocus-100157_1920

Since we are nearly reaching the end of the first quarter of the year (where does the time go?) I realised I hadn’t yet started on my vintage pledge. In January I made a very simple Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge,

During 2015, I, Hila SaturdayNightStitch 😉 , will sew up ONE of my vintage sewing patterns. 

The time has come to think of it and unfortunately I have dithered for far too long. So I thought I would take the mental clutter of making a decision out of my head and give that task to you wonderful guys ;-). All you have to do is vote for the one that you think I should make. The pattern with the most votes is the one I will make!

Given my low skill level and the fact that I have never made a vintage pattern I decided a top would be best to go with. Without further ado I narrowed it down to these 3 tops:

vogue vintage vintage 7851 butterick 6873

I love that the Vogue pattern used to be 40p!Happy sewing everyone and thank you for helping me with this challenge 😉



PS Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge is the brainchild of Marie at A Stitching Odyssey


10 thoughts on “Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge 2015 Pattern Selection

  1. I’ve gone for the Vogue one because for some reason I am drawn to it and think it would suit you – but I see I’m in the minority! Maybe you’ll have to do them all 😛

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  2. I picked simplicity but was almost tempted with the butterick. What swayed it was that I thought the simplicity would be more wearable, though you could make baby doll pj’s with the Butterick!

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  3. It was hard to pick one! I went with the Butterick because I think you have the shoulders to wear it well. It also reminded me of my grandmother’s style, and she was a wise-cracking vintage dame from the Kate Hepburn mold. It’s not a bad style to emulate.

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  4. I’ve gone for the Butterick as I think your frame would suit it. I look forward to seeing the results soon! I’m halfway through my Vintage Pledge dress and I’ve had to make some adjustments – so far so good…

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