Well duh! I made leggings! Another V1440 make.

Hi guys!

I am so excited today’s post is super short and sweet. So yeah I finally made leggings! Waaayyyyy back in Sept I made a Fall “To Sew” list and leggings featured. Well I only just got to making them – Better late than never so ta dah!

Leggings CollageThey were quick to make; I mean very quick. From cutting to tacking the elastic it took an hour ;-). A satisfying make that has had a lot of wear since! The material is something I got off Ebay ages ago and I have no idea what its is. It looks a sportswear kind of material which is firm but breathes. The insides are not too shabby either!The elastic sits nicely on the waist too.

2015-03-23 16.05.32
The elastic is tacked at the four seams. Overlocked seams.

Once again my beloved Vogue V1440 has delivered for me. I cut a straight size 8 and shortened by 1 inch . The hems were finished using a zig zag stitch (couldn’t be bothered to get the twin needle out and thread it). The pattern contains an elastic guide which meant the elastic was just spot on and perfect.  And he best part – I love them, like seriously they are the best leggings I have ever had!

In other news we just had a lovely sunny day and keeping fingers crossed that spring has finally sprung – even planted the seed potatoes so here’s hoping!

Have you ever made something and thought “Well Duh! why didn’t I make this sooner!” and you kick yourself in the the behind for not having made it sooner! Well this is my “Well duh!” garment ;-). No doubt there will be loads more “Well duh!” garments in my sewing future. Speaking of sewing future on my radar is another Holyburn skirt that’s nearly done.

Happy sewing everyone!



27 thoughts on “Well duh! I made leggings! Another V1440 make.

  1. They’re amazing, I love the colour. You have the perfect figure for them too! I’ve never made leggings but maybe I should soon if I come across the right fabric.

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    1. Thanks Beth! The colour is a deep purple and the camera couldn’t quite does it justice. You should go for it especially if you were leggings quite a lot plus you’d be surprised at how incredibly easy they are to make 😉

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    1. Go for it! they are so easy to make especially for your daughter because they will be smaller ;-). You wont believe how much wear they have had! I also bought some black ponte the other day to make another pair 😉

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  2. Leggings are great to make! I make them for dancing in, all sorts of lengths. Normally just plain black though because it goes with my various dance skirts.
    I’ve had a couple of “well duh!” garments…the first one was my first skirt, second was my fabric slippers!

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    1. Thanks Stephanelli! I have only just discovered the joy of making my own leggings! Your fabric slippers look great and I like the tutorial you posted. Bookmarked for future reference 😉 BTW I love you website!

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    1. Aw thanks Beth! That’s kind of you to say 🙂 The funny thing about the colour is that I didn’t even know what colour the fabric was when I bought during a late night couldn’t sleep browsing and buying session on my mobile phone. Lucky for me it was lush!

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      1. Thanks! I was lucky too. My Mom sewed, crocheted and knitted and my Grandmother did as well. I think when kids grow up with it, they just learn that it’s possible to make you own things. Your kids probably will too!

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      2. I hope so too. Its such a wonderful legacy to pass on. I try to be very visible when doing my crafting so they can be involved when they can.


      3. My daughter does sew some but her patients are still a little thin. Still, she will know how to sew and you are right, it’s a legacy. With so much pressure in every day living, this is what Mom’s can teach there kids…its a relaxing technique.

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    1. I know right! I have some Boden ones that I bought about 12 months ago for an extortionate amount and these ones are better fit wise for 20% what the Boden’s cost me! Am so excited that I can make a basic wardrobe staple now 🙂

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