Hello Sewaholic Hollyburn the 3rd!


I am back with yet another Holyburn skirt! I have made one in denim here and in mustard tweed wool mix here. Yes I have found a TNT pattern!

Spot the camelia!

For this one I drafted a contoured waistband because of the gaping issue I had with the mustard skirt. Geo P over  at  Made in my Living Room mentioned a contoured waist tutorial by Sunni at A Fashionable Stitch. I used Sunni’s tutorial which was easy to follow and it took me less than half an hour to redraft the waistband.  I cut a size 6 of View A and its a perfect fit. This black one is shorter and I love the length!


There is not much more to say about the construction except for a couple of observations I have made so far. So when using a lining material for the pocket I need to use a sturdy tightly woven fabric otherwise there is some pulling  on the pockets. The denim skirt pockets do that and I think its because I used flimsy polycotton (the £2/meter type). Against the weight of the denim the polycotton struggles. I don’t have that problem with the mustard one where I used an old M&S double cotton shirt fabric for the lining. The pockets are still perfectly flat even after several washes.  So for this black one I used a stripey cotton harvested from an old maternity top (also harvested some lovely buttons ;-).back

I also used the stripey cotton for the waistband facing because my fabric was very lofty. It sewed up well but it was quite thick meaning seams were very very chunky. Zipper is higher above the waistband than it should be. But I am not bothered because it was real pain getting it on especially over the thick seam. I managed it in the end but its not quite ‘invisible’. I topstitched all the seams to get them to lay flat and neat. Even though the material doesnt unravel I decided to serge the seams for a neat interior. To finish off the hem I used a burgundy satin bias binding tape. It came out fine , even if I do say so myself.Details collage Collage

Pocket detail.

The waistband was finished by handstitching. Its weird but I am beginning to enjoy hand stitching the finishing touches on a garment. I feel like it gives me a nice sense of closure. So far it seems to have given me time to meditate and ponder on the project as a whole. Ok (I am not cazy) but i have been having conversations with my garments as I handstitch. Nothing serious just things like “My haven’t you come a long way!” or “I cant believe I first saw on a roll at that shop and now look at you!” ” When I am done we’ll give you a nice final press and boom!” It seems to be helping with my Serious Squirrel syndrome.


Obligatory twirl shot 🙂

Another win and great addition to my winter wardrobe. I now need to make some cotton skirts in anticipation of the warmer weather 😉



35 thoughts on “Hello Sewaholic Hollyburn the 3rd!

    1. Lols I think you are spot on with the plurals! I love this pattern so much I have made 3 in three months….one a month 🙂 and I am planning on a couple of cottony ones for spring and summer. It is a wonderful thing to find a pattern that is perfect and you know you can cut into nice fabric straightaway 🙂

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    1. Thanks Pips! I was never a fan of handstitching before but I am beginning to get why more experienced sewers swear by it ~ a sign I am growing up perhaps? 😉


  1. Another lovely Hollyburn!
    Some great finishing details here Hila and I really like the idea of recycling shirts as linings.
    I have those boots too – super comfy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Those boots are real workhorses but still manage the holy grail of comfort and style! I love them! Getting some use out of old clothes seemed like a good idea because they were not suitable for donation and I really dont like throwing things out. Even then I cut up into rags for use in greenhouse and other stuff.

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  2. Happy I could help! Love this one too and even though I think I could make a pattern similar to this, I am too lazy. I will probably buy it soon.
    Don’t worry about the zip, black is always hiding little mistakes 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I love your contrst sleeves on there! That pattern has been on my radar since I saw ClarindaKaleidascope make ine using a Liberty fabric. I am just waiting for it to go on sale😀

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