Block A Month Crochet Along: March Squares

Hi everyone,

I cant believe its already the end of March! So here are my squares for The 2015 BAM CAL  (Block A Month Crochet Along)  for March. The first one is the EmmaLynn Square. I enjoyed this  one, it was much easier than February’s square.

Emmalynn Square 12" square
Emmalynn Square 12″ square

The 6″ square was the Bobbly Flower Square. Another fun little number to crochet that required crocheting in the post. That was a new technique for me :-).

March squares
Bobbly Flower Square

Happy making everyone!



12 thoughts on “Block A Month Crochet Along: March Squares

    1. Thank you so much Stephanelli! Its wonderful to know that you enjoy my crafting journey just as much as I enjoy sharing it😃. Crocheting is so easy to learn and there are loads of great vids on Youtube. I reccommend VeryPinkKnits channel- she has the best how to for beginners.

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    1. Hi Elana! Get ’em out! Crocheting is fun and the blocks are quick 😃. Thanks for stopping by, reading and taking the time to comment. 🌟


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