Burda Challenge February 2015 Kasia Skirt

Hello everyone,

As you may or may not know I am taking part in the Burda challenge hosted by Dawn who blogs over at Two On Two Off. For this month I prepared a pattern for a top. But then I realised that I still wanted to work on the fit of the Kasia  skirt. I also wanted to see what it would look like without the flap. The flap is okay but since I have worn it a few times I felt it would be a lot better without the flap.

There was a fair bit of messing about with the pattern to make sure I made all the necessary adjustments. Changes I made were as follows:

1. Moved the zip to the back.

2. Got rid of the flap altogether (it meant loosing the pockets but they are too shallow to be sorely missed).

3. Reduced the length.

Grey Kasia
Back of skirt. Front of skirt

In order to move the zip to the back I had to change the pattern piece that had to be cut once on the fold to 2 pieces with a seam allowance. Did the reverse for the front – removed seam allowance and cut on fold. Being worried I would make errors I spent 2 nights going over the new construction (while watching Banished on BBC2 which is why it took 2 nights ;-). Once I had cut out, it was a quick make. It was waiting about 2 weeks for me to get round to sewing the inner waistband by hand.

Grey Kasia1


1. I love the fit on my waist with the princess seams.

2. The length is much better for me.

3. The side yokes are much better inserted than my last effort and am pleased with that.Grey Kasia side


1. My seam matching is horrid!

2. Didn’t quite get the zipper in right. There is a bubble.

3. My handstitching is visible on the exterior of the garment just below the lower band of the waist.

Back zip kasiz grey
Must take threads off! Ugh that zip needs more work.

Verdict I am happy with this little skirt and it will be getting a lot of wear. I will definitely be making another one with improved seam alignment! Hopefully the weather will warm up enough for me to get my flats out instead of having to wear wellies or boots!Gray Kasia 2

Happy sewing everyone and thanks for reading!

Are you looking forward to April? I am ….mostly because my birthday is in 2 days! Yip Yip!




25 thoughts on “Burda Challenge February 2015 Kasia Skirt

    1. Thanks Beth! I find dots are so cheery so they seemed apt for desperately wishing spring along – cant say it waorked though😕 ;the weather is fickle! I am also quite glad I gave it another go , this style without the flap is so much better for me.

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  1. Okay, before I even read, I looked at the skirt and loved it. I LOVE POLKADOTS!!! I have to tell you, as seamstresses we know all the mistakes or mishaps that we wish had never happened. The good news is MOST people will never notice what we notice. In other words…it’s gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It must be a ‘polka dot’ time of year! 😉 I love this skirt! The ruching is really becoming and the style is a really modern twist on the pencil skirt. Love, love, love it!!

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  3. You’re rocking that skirt & I never noticed the cons until you mentioned it. Have you had a look at the free zip class on Craftsy? I always have a refresh with the concealed zip section before I put one in. Happy birthday in 2 days!!

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    1. Many thanks for the birthday wishes! Yes I have that zip class by Sunni on Craftsy. I watched it actially when doing this zip amd all looks good on there but somehow its still hit and miss for me so far.


  4. Oh, Kasia was one of the first things I’ve sewn. I think it was the first clothing item, actually. You can image it was a total fail, the biggest problem was the flap ending 1-2cm above the skirt’s waist. Jeans and contrasting green for pockets, it would’ve been so good. I like the changes you’ve done, and Springy stitches is right, you’ve made one modern, interesting pencil skirt.
    I think the zip will look a lot better if you close that little gap at the bottom using the ladder stitch or something similar.

    Happy birthday! Have a good one! Are you doing anything nice?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sounds like your combination of fabrics would have made an awesome skirt! Maybe give it another go? I am finding that my makes get better on the second time. Thank you for the birthday wishes🎊💃🎊. Just having a nice meal at home with the family 😃


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