New Look 6803

Happy Friday! Hope you are all looking forward to a sewtastic weekend! My MIL is up from Kent for the weekend and she always takes the kids out for long day trips so Yip Yip I get a lot of sewing time :-).

But before all that I present to you New Look 6803. For the first time in quite a while, I have tried a pattern that just did not work.  I bought this pattern during the New Look 6803 half price sale in January. I was attracted to the pleated neckilne on view B. Its a cute looking dress.

I cut the smallest size on the pattern and used some drapey polyester to make a muslin. The fabric came from from a closing down sale at £1/m so I will be using it for muslins a lot. The colour is not inspirational but it will be useful.

Cutting out and sewing up were very easy. However……The dress did not look at all how I pictured it would on me.

front 6803

In hindsight the pleats at the neckline created a maternity like feel and look. Its OK but I have been pregnant a LOT over the last 5 years and I am over that look! No matter which way I tried to pin it just wasn’t working for me without putting in darts etc. I might as well use a pattern that has more shaping in it. I like to have some shaping around the bust at least. I think its a good pattern – I saw on Pattern Review some versions that looked great but its not for me. back

Verdict: I will not be making this again. I am going to try , view C the kaftan top. It might work better.

Thought I’d share this  conversation with my photographer.

Me: Can you take a couple of pictures please?

Mr SNS : Sure I ‘ll grab my phone while you  change.

Me: I am dressed.

Mr. SNS : <raises an eyebrow> Thats for your blog?

Me: Yes. Dont you like it?

Mr SNS: <scans dress head to toe> It makes you look like…..<tilts head to the left>…. a sack of potatoes?….

Me: <sigh> Just take the F*$King pictures.

Happy sewing everyone! Off to make some spring summer pyjamas for my boys. Thats 3 pairs of pyjama bottoms and 2 tops 😉



31 thoughts on “New Look 6803

  1. At least he takes the pictures, I’ve totally given up. My son or daughter take all of mine now. Sometimes it just doesn’t work, although tbh I don’t think it looks too bad on you… The whole point of Muslims I guess though?

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  2. Haha my husband never wants to take photos either! I quite like the neck pleats but think they’d look more flattering on a fitted top than on this dress. Enjoy your sewing time this weekend!

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    1. Hi Kathryn! Thanks for stopping by! The pleats are quite a feature and I love them – it does look nice when I pin out all the excess fabric.


  3. LOL at ‘Mr SNS’… Poor you! You know he did have a point though… However I quite like the pleating around the neckline! But if you’re not comfortable in it, take it as a learning curve and move on 😀

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    1. Thanks Beth! Even if he tried he is the worst liar in the world anyway 😉 I loved the pleating as well which is why I got the pattern. Ah well sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

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  4. You’re like me – attracted to looser looks sometimes but with a small frame perhaps look better in more fitted things. I made a vintage sixties dress that had a very similar shape to this (the neckline was also gathered, into a kind of a cowl collar band). I took in the side seams a bit and that helped, and I wear a belt with it and it works. View C is quite pretty. LOL to Mr. SNS. My boyfriend comes out with similar remarks although I must say I prefer the truth to false flattery!

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    1. You are spot on about being attracted to the looser looks but when worn they dont seem to work. I might try taking in the side seams and see if that might help. Truth trumps false flattery all the time 😉


  5. Ha! Your conversation with the ‘photographer’ sounds familiar! Shame that this one didn’t work out, but at least you had that fabric to try it out on. Good luck with the kaftan!


  6. Maybe I’ve just been looking at too much Japanese fashion lately, but I think this is actually cute. Slim girls like you can pull off “potato sack chic.” 🙂

    Have a fun sewing weekend! I’ll be heading off to my “Sit and Sew” group in a little over an hour. Yay, sewing!

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    1. Thanks! Your comment made me 😃. I love Japanese sesing books too ! Have shortened it by 4″ and taken some excess fabric from side seams. Its looking the bees knees now. Tbh I think I wanted the next project so bad that I didnt see the beauty of this dress.


    1. Thank you! I took some advice to put it away for a couple of days and return to it. I picked it up again this weekend and shortened it by 4″ and its amazing how different it seems now😃.


  7. Don’t think it’s your most flattering set of pix here, but I like the colour and the neckline. How about shortening it and adding some bright red bias binding to the neck line, or some other jazzy-ness?

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  8. Your photographer conversation made me laugh, but other than the colour and texture of the fabric this is not a sack dress. It does suit you – it actually emphasises your lovely slim body better than an overfitted or skin tight dress. You don’t look at all pregnant. I am glad you have tried a different lenght as it is honestly a good look for you – in my opinion.

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    1. Thanks Kate! I am just so awed by all the wonderful advice from the sewing community😃. Its coming along nicely and am enjoyung the process. I love your new logo by the way👏👏


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