Toadstools and Bunnies McCalls M6727 aka KCW warm up.

Hi everyone!

How are you? I am good thank you! I had a super productive Saturday this past weekend where I finished a few projects that were waiting for those finishing touches like buttons. Its also still half term so sewing time is as scarce as hens teeth! They go back Monday the 20th which is also Kids Clothes Week! I thought I would get started early with that by making my favourite TNT pattern for my girls: McCalls M6727. I love love this pattern!

M6727 Dress Fronts
And the backs….McCalls M6727

Now I have made grumpy owls here and scooters M6727s last year and can you believe my girls still wear them! They started out as dresses and they have grown into cute little tops. All I had to do was move the button further out creating a larger armscye 😉 Thats a win/win for me.These dresses have staying power. I used a quilting cotton thats held up really well  and they get washed A LOT!!! My only beefs is that this pattern only goes up to  XL (around age 2) which is the size I cut with these 2 little lovelies.

Yokes detail
M6727 Yoke details…

Lets talk fabric – I love love love love this fabric! Whats not to love? The colours and the quirky print; the moment I saw it I knew it had to be M6727. Plus its 100 % cotton.

Binding and french seams
M6727 Bias binding and french seams

Sewing for little people is awesome. It was easier to be patient and take my time because the pieces are so small you feel like there is not much more to do but enjoy the process. I used french seams and bias bound the armholes on the dress. I ran out for fancy bias binding and only had the black satin but I think it works well. The pattern is actually for a reversible dress which I have made before here. Making the reversible dress is even quicker. I didn’t want anything to interfere with this quirky pattern so these are not reversible. Although my insides are so neat that they may very well be! Hehe 😉

As always thanks for dropping by and happy sewing everyone!






18 thoughts on “Toadstools and Bunnies McCalls M6727 aka KCW warm up.

  1. Very sweet. I don’t have children, but I love making little knitted things for other people’s kids. It’s true about French seams – for ages I didn’t bother to learn and then when I did I had no clue why I hadn’t done so sooner. Very nice little pair of dresses.

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  2. Hila, your little sweeties are going to get used to quality sewing. I love the French seams! As tops these would look so cute even in cooler weather. I can see a little girl layering a turtle neck and tights underneath. They’d look cute with flip flops to complete the outfit.

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    1. Thanks EmilyAnn! Flip glops are a great idea! For the ones made earlier they layered them with turtle necks – I love the versatility of this pattern😃


  3. Sewing round here been ‘scarce as hens teeth’ too. Love that phrase 🙂
    These tops are so cute! We went through my daughter’s wardrobe last weekend (seriously a two-woman job) and we had plenty of dresses that are now designated ‘dresses’ 😉

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