Grainline Morris Blazer Muslin

Hello everyone!

How are you? I am very well thank you! Reveling in the glorious sunny weather we have been having here in the north of England! This is our cherry tree in full blossom. I love looking out the window and seeing this wonderfully spring-y sight :-).

Cherry blossom.
Cherry blossom.

OK moving on to the blazer! It popped up on my Instagram feed as I was thinking I needed a quick go-to garment to layer over jeans and tees especially as the weather gets warmer. I can’t wear my camel wool coat any more. After dithering for a few minutes I decided to buy it. I taped the pattern as the boys were doing their homework and Kumon. Its only 24 pages so it didn’t take long.

I had some pale blue linen that seemed perfect for a muslin. Construction wise everything went well together till I got to Step 16 which is where I got a bit confused. Its where you have to join the hem band to the front facing. After a couple of tries I eventually had a duh! moment and carried on. Apart from that everything else was very straight forward.

Its very interesting how the blazer is constructed. First the main blazer is made. Then the front facing and the hem facing is made into one continuous piece in the round which is then attached the blazer to complete. I didn’t understand what was going on when I tried to understand each step before moving on. It was only when I read ALL the instructions to the end that I got it.

The shawl collar instructions are good. At least I thought so – although I have made a shawl collar before when I made the Named Dakota dress here.

The only other thing I made a booboo on was the seam allowance. I am so used to 5/8″ seam allowance I kept forgetting that this is 1/2″ seam allowance. Grrrr there was quite a bit of unpicking 😉

Verdict – I love it! Love it!. Though this is a muslin its turned into a wearable muslin. It was such a joy to make this pattern and to have to make no adjustments at all makes it one of my most favourite patterns so far! I cut a size 4 which fit straight from the PDF. The pattern matches up beautifully. I am now very tempted to buy the Moss mini skirt and the Adler shirtdress!

Now the muslin is done I will be cutting into some mustard ponte and I will see where that takes me!

Look at that blue sky!

Here are some pictures taken today! Its so hot outside right now like need suncream hot! Enjoy!2015-04-22 12.27.28 back front

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

As always – Happy sewing everyone!




55 thoughts on “Grainline Morris Blazer Muslin

  1. Wow so quick!! It looks great and how nice that your muslin turned out to be so wearable! I’ve been eyeing this pattern up too but still haven’t made up my By Hand Victoria blazer so definitely can’t buy another blazer pattern till I use the one I have!

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    1. Thank you! A stretch woven would be great for this pattern! I would have gone for stretch woven too but I didn’t have any in my stash😞. Definitely somewhere in the future – a black and white dotty stretch…


  2. Very good with the jeans. I know you didn’t plan this but the jacket would look very sweet with a floral accent. A fabric flower pin is what I’m thinking of in exactly the same shade of pink as the real flower in your photo.

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    1. Thanks EmilyAnn! That’s a great idea! The flower I am holding is a camelia from our garden – it a lovely pink colour the would go well with the pale blue.😃


  3. STOP! You are making me want to buy this pattern and associated fabric (plus I’ve been wanting to buy the moss mini for a while!) And i have so many other patterns and fabrics in my stash, I’m not sure i will be able to resist much longer now i have seen your amazing wearable muslin!!

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    1. Go for it Susan! You know you will love it and you would look amazing in a cropped little number like the Morris! Plus with with sewing skills you could knock one out very quickly. I cant wait to see yours! 😉


    1. I actually think it will do! I need to get shots with a dress and skirt on as well. This is the first time a muslin has worked out perfect in the first go 😉 Score!!!!!!


    1. Thank you! I am probably going to buy them – I always end up buying the patterns even after telling myself I have more than enough patterns! Though I do really love a well drafted pattern 😉


    1. Thanks for sharing that tip Pips ;-)! (alliteration there) I will be taping the seam allowances when I make my ponte version. My mind cannot be trusted – too much goes on in there!


  4. That blazer turned out adorable (and I am not a blazer fan, but that one is got that loose style)!! And it looks as beautiful as those spring days. The world is turning upside down, as spring still as not made up her mind here in Portugal 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I finished my mustard ponte yesterday and I love it! Its such a cute blazer. Your Adlers are lush! I havent been that keen on Adler before but I am going to give it a go now ;-)!


      1. I wasn’t keen on it at first… until I made one. The right fabric is crucial. Grainline had such great online sewalong resources it makes sewing up her patterns easy – even for something like a shirt. I ended up making three Alders. They are my most worn summer dress… although I do live in a casual beachside town!

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    1. Thanks! It has great little details. Au contraire you made perfect trousers non? Thats like the holy grail of sewing! If you could do trousers ( which I am terrified of making) then by gum you can do a blazer! Serioulsy though its a very easy pattern 😉

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  5. Wow! that turned out great and it’s exciting that you were able to make it in a woven fabric. I’m working on my first Morris muslin and having some difficulty with the sleeves – shoulders need to be adjusted for my narrow ones. That’s why they call it a muslin – LOL!

    I will keep plugging away ’til I get it right, because I love this style and have had good luck with other grainline patterns before.

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    1. Thanks Chris! The muslin does all the hard work! I used to skip the muslin, keen to wear an item, but I have learnt that taking the time to get it right is worth it! Have you decided on the sort of fabric you are going to use? I have seem some wonderful fabric choices on Instagram that I sense I am going to end up with an army of these before the summer is out!


    1. Thank you! I am honored that you liked it! I love the idea od air force blue blazer – it will look really great. There have been many inspiring takes on this pattern so far. I am working the blog post for the ponte version as we speak (metaphorically) LOL.


    1. I lnow right! Though I have 2 already I have seen so mamy versions I want to make 😃. Currently cutting out a floral one. If you made one would you be going solid, colour blocked, floral or spotty?


      1. Solids are a great choice! I think they can go with more things 😃. When you get round to it you will love it! Most people who made it make a second one straightaway🎊🌟


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