Lady Skater Dress in Teal Scuba

Hello everyone!

I am back with a Lady Skater dress that was completed 2 weeks ago. First of all, I was very reluctant to buy this pattern because I already had Moneta. On impulse after seeing this in the Boden catalogue I went for it.

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Makes me want to buy Lady Skaater dress pattern..#sewing inspiration

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It was finished in 2 days – a super quick and easy make. The collar filled me with apprehension! But it just came out so good even if I do say so myself!Collar

It has an interesting construction that is completely different to Moneta. With Moneta the bodice and skirt are completed before attaching at the waist. Contrast with Lady Skater where the front and back of the dress are made up first. The sleeves are sewn flat then one great long seam from hem to sleeve hem.

2015-03-26 22.09.20
Fold the dress along the shoulders and voila! Paper dolls anyone?

The shoulder and waist seams are stabilised by clear elastic which also keeps the waist from drooping. Attaching the clear elastic was straight forward especially when I used a lot of wonder clips – clear elastic dosent like being pinned much.2015-03-26 21.03.29

The instructions are incredibly detailed. They leave nothing out! No assumption that you know all things associated with sewing with knits. Its all there so that if this is your first time working with knits you are sorted. I quite like that about the instructions. There is a quick instruction sheet for the more experienced sewer.

Teal Scuba Lady Skater insides

The fabric is lightweight scuba. This is my first time ever working with jersey scuba/scuba jersey?  I love love love it! It washes incredibly well! You see how it looks in the pictures? Thats exactly how it comes out of the dryer! Plus its comfortable.

I am curious to see how it will perform once the weather really warms up. For now its perfect. I finished the hems with a simple zigzag and overlocked the seams. Scuba presses like normal fabric. I experimented with the heat setting on my iron – increasing it slightly until it burned the fabric. I found the optimal temp to be the same one for nylon.

2015-03-26 21.46.08
Here is a picture of an unpressed seam and a pressed one…can you tell which one is which?

I made a size 3 with no adjustments.  The pattern sizing works well for me. Fit wise I probably need to do some sort of a shoulder adjustmnt because my shoulders look like they are slightly popping out. The back bodice looks like it will need a swayback adjustment.

All in all I love this dress. The fit is PHENOMINAL!!!!! Now for some gratuitous pictures!side poser front back

Will I be making this again? Hell yes! I would like a stripe and a floral one. My little people love this dress because of the textured fabric. Heck I liked this fabric so much that when I went into town I picked up more scuba in red 😉

I love this dress and this is what I feel like in it…a picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case a gif is worth a thousand words..beyonce-2

As always happy sewing everyone!



PS I believed that Moneta and Lady Skater were similar (interchangeable even) but how wrong I was! Do you prefer Moneta or Lady Skater or both? Or is there another awesome knit dress out there you prefer? Please share in comments below and feed my pattern buying addiction!


43 thoughts on “Lady Skater Dress in Teal Scuba

  1. Lovely dress. Looks fantastic on you. I’m interested in you thoughts re the Moneta. I think I have found the perfect jersey dress with the Moneta so I wasn’t planning to make this one, especially after the Bluegingerdoll Violet debacle. What makes the Lady Skater different?

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    1. Thats a great question! I went back to re read the BlueGingerdoll dress post because I wasnt too familiar with that pattern. It does looks like the Lady Skater i.e. a circle skirt attached to bodice without and gathering. For me the main difference is that the Lady Skater has a more athletic feel to it than the Moneta. I think its because Moneta has a gathered skirt. On a practical level Moneta trumps Lady Skater because Skater doesn’t have pockets! ALthough IMO if you didnt like the silhouette of Bluegingerdoll dress then I dont think the Lady Skater would be much different. Hope that answers the question. Good luck with your move!

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  2. That fabric is fabulous! Teal is one of my favorite colors and I’m partial to florals. 🙂 I’ve been seeing textured floral knits around the blogosphere and I might have to jump on board. They look so cool!

    I don’t have the Lady Skater pattern but I have made 2 Monetas, a striped and a floral (I’ll blog those once I actually hem the floral…). I love how comfortable yet put-together these types of dresses are. I’ll probably end up with like 20 Monetas because now whenever I see knit fabrics, that’s all I think about making, haha!

    I can’t wait to see the red one. Happy sewing!

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    1. I have another Moneta in the pipeline as well! I love it so and it gets a lot of wear because of how easy it is to maintain and throw on! Looking forward to seeing your Monetas!

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  3. This looks so great on you! The construction is the same as the Plantain tee. I loved how easy it was putting the sleeves in flat like that. I’ve got a teal Jersey dress cut out, using the plantain tee as a pattern, fingers crossed it works out as well as your dress!

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    1. Oh I look forward to seeing that! The plantain has been on my radar but I have been hesitant. I agree flat construction of sleeves is so much easier 🙂


  4. It looks fabulous! And Im all for easy to wash/dry fabric! I am just making my first moneta, i also had not bought the lady skater as i already had the moneta, i like the look of the lady skater construction though. I haven’t seen wonder clips before – where do you get them?

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    1. Thanks Susan! I ordered the wonder clips on Amazon and they have been indispensable when sewing with knits! Moneta is a a classy elegant pattern for sure. For me Lady Skater feel more athletic-y. I found Lady Skater a lot easier to construct ;-). Looking forward to seeing your Moneta!


    1. Thanks Linda! I wonder if the paper dolls technique also works for wovens? Have you used it in wovens? I found it easier to match the waist and bodice seams this way.


  5. This is a very flattering style. I think you did an excellent job. Knits can be tricky and it’s really great that this pattern came with sufficient instructions to turn it into a productive learning experience. The way in which the garment is constructed is called “the factory method”. This is how garments are commercially constructed in many factories. Inserting the sleeve on an open seam is much quicker and faster. When the side seams are completed and the sleeve is sewn in after easing and steaming the sleeve cap is done on higher end garments. It also is called “the dressmaker’s method”.

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    1. Wow I had no idea there was a factory method! But that makes sense how you explained it. You have a lot of sewing know how knowledge. Thanks for sharing your sewing experience with newer sewers like me😃.

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      1. Oh Thank you. Right now a lot is still in my head. I’m getting back into it after a long absence. I’m learning, too. That is why I’m showing my mistakes as well as my accomplishments.

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