Grainline Studio Morris Blazer : Contains graphic images of Mustard Ponte SMUGness!

Hello everyone!

Wohoo! I finished my mustard ponte blazer, had a fun energetic photo shoot with the little people and this is what I have to show for it!

But before I spill the beans here are some construction deets – I finished making this in less than a day. The only issue I had was that I used normal lightweight interfacing. It shrunk the ponte ever so slightly – enough to cause some drag lines. Still its come out alright! And can I just say it looks great on just about everything I have thrown it on hehe.

I don’t have much else to say about this except to show you loads of pictures which may convey just how much I love this blazer! Proceed at your own peril!

ponte 6
The weather was so glorious! Blue blue skies!

ponte 3 ponte 7 ponte 8ponte backponteponte1

Love that I can play volleyball without having to take it off ;-)
Love that I can play volleyball without having to take it off 😉
…and football 😉


Have you seen the amazing versions that are popping up of this awesome pattern?  SewBusyLizzy made a linen blazer with a navy trim (must make one like this) and Sha_Bozz has been posting on IG this gorgeous floral ponte she is making (must make a floral one too)

; Suzy at suzybeesews has made a colour blocked one (must make colour blocked one ) I mean wow!! I am constantly awed and impressed by how incredibly creative and talented the sewing community is! Thinking about the sewing community and knowing that I am a part of it makes me feel good about myself 😉

Happy sewing! I will be back soon with my April Burda challenge.!




71 thoughts on “Grainline Studio Morris Blazer : Contains graphic images of Mustard Ponte SMUGness!

  1. You are busting out projects left and right – I love it! I am also a fan of mustard and wish I could wear a whole outfit in the color, but it really washes me out. I DO have some mustard ponte in my stash that I was saving to make a cardigan, but this is giving me ideas for a blazer.

    Love the action shots!

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    1. Thanks! I doubt I could carry a whole mustard outfit either though I love the colour! This ponte had been in my stash for ages and i was just too precious about it. Sparks flew when these came together 😁. Love it when my fabric hoarding tendencies are vindicated😒.

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  2. Love it Hila. I also use mustard as a neutrals, must be something about where it lies in the colour spectrum, or something… Looks great on you and the action shots were enjoyable to flick through too. A great piece for MMMay 🙂

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    1. Thanks Theresa! We were luckey with the weather this Sunday. With 5 little people about there is always loads of action😁. My husband is taking his role more seriously since I promoted him to blog manager – he even got his aviators out of his car to “complete the look” 😄

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    1. There are some lovely floral ones and I have a mind to make another one 😀. Its turning out to be quite a versatile pattern worth a try maybe…


  3. omg this looks fantastic on you! love the color and the style with your whole outfit. youre making me itch to get my hands on this pattern but i wont sew it up as fast or as awesome D:

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    1. Thank you for your lovely compliment! Its not often I get styling right😃. I think you will be surprised at how quickly this sews up – this was my second and I didnt refer to instructions so it was faster.

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    1. Thanks Clarinda! Got the blog manager idea from SewDeputy😁. I wish I stuck to a proper plan! Right now I have a Granville shirt cut out and a pussy bow blouse and a couple of skirts.


    1. Thanks Birgitte! The mustard really worked well with this blazer😃. I am glad I hung on to the mustard ponte waiting for the right inspiration💃💃


    1. Hey Jen! Welcome and thank you for stopping by😃. I wear this blazer with almost everything! Its versatile and easy to make up. Grainlin studio have sewalong as well.


  4. A Mustard blazer had been in my list for a while, and I love how it looks. I made the Morris Blazer in olive twill with leather sleeves and I love it! it is very easy to sew and very stylish. Now I’ll have to make one in mustard 🙂


  5. Hello! I’m about to make the Morris blazer myself. I love your version! I’m debating between size 2 and 4. You said in your muslin version you cut a size 4. But your ponte looks much slimmer in the sleeves than the linen. Was just curious if you altered the sleeves, or went down a size? Or if that’s just the fabric that’s making it looks different? Thanks so much! Your blog is wonderful!

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