Burda Challenge April 2015 Cap Sleeve V Neck Tee 09/2014

Hello everyone,

Hope you are enjoying the mid week! I am trying my best not to get down about the weather! It was so gorgeous last week but as I write this its has hailed and rained with gusty winds. Still it shan’t stop me making marvelous frothy floral summer dresses, skirts, blouses, shirts, etc 😉

Anyway, its time for my April Burda challenge! The challenge is hosted by Dawn who blogs over at Two On Two Off. For this month I made a Cap Sleeve V Neck Tee 09/2014 which is a downloadable BurdaStyle pattern. I bought this at the back end of last year during a 5 for £10 sale. tee

Spot the botch……have since sewn it up by hand 😉

I looked it up on Pattern Review and found that all the reviews mentioned it was too short. Took my tape measure out and checked my vertical measurements against the pattern. Though it is a knit pattern the stretch doesn’t affect the vertical measurements (too much).  And because BurdaStyle downloadables don’t have seam allowances, it was very easy to measure. In fact I could have just lined it up against my body. It was clear that I needed at least another 2 ” length. I added the 2″ on both the front and lower back pieces. Purple jersey in the stash seemed like a great option to test on.

Once I cut out the fabric it took about 1.5 hours to make it. The pattern took less than 1 meter of  fabric. Yay! It does have a lot of pieces though. The front bodice has 3 pieces; the back bodice has 3; the sleeve has 3 pieces including sleeve band.

Grr!! Why couldn’t I just have taken out my sewing machine!!!

I only used the overlocker. Pivoting on the overlocker does not work! And yet I tried and botched the front! Lesson learnt: don’t be too lazy to take out the sewing machine and get the job done properly! I finished the hem by using stay tape and zigzagging. back Side

Verdict: To say I paid £2 for the pattern and £3 for the jersey fabric – I am very very pleased with the end result. I like the fit. Its comfortable. There are many options for jazzing it up if I wanted to by using contrasting fabric. I have a feeling this is going to be a great TNT scrapbuster pattern with some tweaking ;-).

In other news Me Made May is nearly upon us! Eeek! I went through my handmade items the other day and am beginning to think I may have bit off a bit more than I can chew with my 1 a day minimum pledge…there will be a lot of repeats :-).

Happy sewing everyone and thanks for reading! I will be back soon with more Vogue V1440!



14 thoughts on “Burda Challenge April 2015 Cap Sleeve V Neck Tee 09/2014

  1. How many pieces! I’ve just been looking at the outline, I bet it was like a jig saw puzzle.
    You’ve done a fab job – I don’t think I’d have attempted that tricky front but without an army of pins and my sewing machine. 😃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was apprehensive too looking at the line drawing but it wasnt too bad.😃. I think I will nail that neck with the second one or third one😁


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