Here come the O W L S! Another Owlet sweater!

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all as excited as I am about the May bank holiday! We are going away for the first time  as the whole clan of 7…yes 7 of us! Eeek! Trying to pack light for 5 kids is….challenging;-) But never mind that.

I love knitting :-). However since I have got more into sewing my knitting has suffered <sad face here>. I squeeze it in here and there though. Which is why it took me nearly 2 months to finish the cute OwlS sweater for No.2. Seriously though could this pattern be any cuter? Its also so fast and easy to sew up (when not knitting for less than an hour a week that is).

He is the one into crafting and he requested that I ‘yarn’ him something. At five years old he has very distinct ideas about what styles he likes so he chose this yarn and designed the colour blocking himself! Well I could only do as requested and here we are. Voila!


I didn’t put any button eyes in because as I was weaving in the ends he came to wait for it. As soon as the last yarn end was snipped off (by him) he put it on straightaway. It was nice to see how happy he was with it and he has been wearing a lot since then. oz

I made this before last year in November for the twinnage here so I dont have much else to say really. This is such a cute pattern which is worth it. I will knit up more owls for the twinnage in another year when they have outgrown the ones they have now.

Also made for the boys were these pyjama bottoms – again fabric selection by him. Doesn’t he have such good taste?

New Look 6170 Pyjama bottoms
New Look 6170 Pyjama bottoms

Now what I need to do is finish my Owls sweater which I started last year……

Thanks so much for stopping by and until next time….

Happy knitting




20 thoughts on “Here come the O W L S! Another Owlet sweater!

  1. That is the cutest! It’s so cool when kids ask you to make them stuff. Yay bank holiday 😀, we’re taking our little terrors camping for the first time… Have a great weekend!

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    1. Thank you! I wish I could claim it was my benevolence that pushed this project; my son is quite tenacious and ….persistant😄. I do need to make more little people stuff and The Monthly Stitch challenge might help achieve that goal.


  2. Happy bank holiday! Hope it’s dry where you’ve headed. The little ones jumper is cute! I never knitted or sewed anything for H when he was younger and regret it now. I didn’t do anything for me either!
    He has requested a onsie – knee length, sleeveless with a hood! Bit of a challenge! 😃

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    1. A onsie sounds like a fun project! I am sure H will love it! Unfortunately its as wet as wet could be down in Colchester😞. Still we are trying to enjoy it best we can.

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  3. I love that your son is developing a discerning eye for color and patterns. This is the best time to reach them and hopefully instill an enjoyment of coordinating outfits. The sweater turned out lovely.

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    1. He is so artistic! Even when painting he takes time to mix the colours just the way he likes it. I enjoy fabric shopping with him because he notices print I dont. When he points them I am usually surprised to realise that its actually a great fabric!

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