MeMadeMay15 Week 1 Round up!

MeMadeMay Madness is upon me! Mr SNS doesn’t understand why we have to nip outside every morning to take pictures of my outfit… I remind him that we made vows and oaths to each other 😉

Here is my round up of the first 7 days.  We went  down south to Essex from Friday to Monday so it was challenging because luggage space was very limited. I had to pack very very light.

Friday 1st May

Wearing my first version on Moneta dress.


Saturday 2nd May

Wearing my couture Coco top.


Sunday 3rd May

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#memademay15 Day3 wearing my parisian top with rtw jeans #memademay

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Parisian Top sitting under a cherry tree.


Monday 4th May

Moneta again.


Tuesday 5th May

My winter Giselle dress.


Wednesday 6th May

Lady Skater dress.


Thursday 7th May

My A line skirt.


I am enjoying myself with this challenge so far. Also loving seeing other sewcialists on Instagram – each time I look up #memdaemay15 I am so inspired! Lets see what the next 7 days brings and I will be back with another round up.

Thanks for stopping by and happy sewing!




24 thoughts on “MeMadeMay15 Week 1 Round up!

  1. A great first week to MMM15! Your garments are all gorgeous and you look so well turned out! I’m doing MMM15 too but I look a right scruff in comparison!

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    1. PS my pics are taken in the morning just after I wear them- five kids mean I scruff up pretty quick😃. Friday morning i wear my housecoat till i get to my car to keep porridge, marmalade, milk, cheerios, snit etc off me😁


      1. Ah, I never think of taking them in the morning. Always when I’ve come back from work when I’m looking a bit dishevelled! I’m not on IG but I hopefully will be posting my week 1 MMM tonight.

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    1. Lols ! My shopping list is also ever expanding😃. Sjnce MMM15 started the number of awesome patterns I have added to wish list has increased. The parisian top is a great every day top with loads of options. 👏


    1. Love the kiddies but they do love comming up to me in yogurt dipped hands😄. The Parisian top picture doesnt show my jeans because they had yoghurt stains – we were away so no change of clothes were available and I spent all day in yogurt-y jeans!

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  2. Oh, I remember those days of not putting suit jackets or other layers on until heading firmly to the car 🙂 Looking great and especially loving the photo triplets. Kind of wishing I was on Instagram for all these great photos everyone’s mentioning, but I spend enough hours just checking blogs…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. IG is quite addictive! I dont do Facebook so IG is my guilty pleasure😁. …I am not encouraging you but I gotta say IG is awesome. My best moments are when I am stuck on something. If I IG it there is always an Instabuddy to offer advice or point me in the right direction. The sewing community is awesome like that😃

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