Self drafted A line skirt: A Craftsy class review

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all well! I have a post that I have been meaning to get done for some time. Way back in November I bought some Craftsy classes during their Black Friday sales. One of them was Pattern Making Basics – The Skirt Sloper by Suzy Furrer.

Its an online class delivered via the Craftsy Platform which means you can ask the teacher questions and they respond as soon as they can. In my case it was 2 days at most before I got a response from Suzy. You can also see questions and responses asked by other people taking the class. I found it helpful because sometimes my issue was answered in previous questions.

The class is very comprehensive. Suzy shows you how to take measurements accurately – I thought I knew how to do this but now I know. The sloper took me a couple of hours to draft  – both front and back. I then had to make a muslin and adjust the fit. My first muslin looked like this:

Suzy has you draft a moulage which a close fitting skirt with no ease at all. Its supposed to fit like a second skin so those puddles on the back are a no no.

Most of my adjustments involved shaving off 1/8″ here and there. I also had to move my front darts 1″ towards the side seams to get rid of the drag lines  across the back. I had kept on pinching out fabric at the side seams but it had the drag lines regardless of how tight it got. A simple shifting of the darts and everything dissolved into a smooth fit. Amazing!

Once the adjustments were made on the muslin I transfered them to the sloper. I started off making my sloper using a thick white paper from old wallpaper. When making the sloper you will need to preserve it since you trace from it when staring a new design. I am glad I did this because I didn’t have to retrace it onto sturdier paper.

From there I drafted my first A line skirt. The class includes excersizes on drafting an A line skirt, bias flare skirt and circle skirt among others. There are excersizes on drafting pleats, peplums, flounces, empire line skirt, pencil line skirt, knit skirt. She also covers the different types of waistbands – straight, lowered, contoured, faced and contoured waist bands. Oh and there is also an easy pocket instruction.

There are so many different types of skirts to make. I am having fun with it. Here is my A line skirt with a faced waistband and lining. I made it in pale blue/aqua linen. Its lined to reduce wrinkling. Suzy also advocates lining your skirts because they always hang better. And I have to say I am a convert! I just love this skirt and slipping it on and off is such a pleasure:-)

Wearing it inside out to show the lining. Very pleased with the look of a lined skirt.
Used an invisible zip.
A Line skirt
The front dart is closer to the side seam and that creates a smooth tummy fit.
A line skirt 1
Though it is lined – linen still wrinkles!!!

sideMy verdict

I highly recommend this class if you want to be able to make great fitting skirts. But its not just that. I have found that I understand the architecture of a skirt a lot more and can apply that to other sewing patterns. 

I mean I have  developed a really good understanding of where the darts need to be in order to achieve a smooth fit. I also have the sloper which I can just place under or over the sewing pattern to see how much the pattern needs to be adjusted by in order to fit the way I like. I would say this class has upped my game when it comes to making skirts ; £12.50 well spent.

The only fly in the ointment for me is the paranoia that one day these classes may not be available. Crafsty promises lifetime access but reading the small print it does say ‘Craftsy’s lifetime’ so I don’t know what that means if they get bought by someone else. I worry sometimes about this because I really like this class and find it so useful! Ah well..

I am also doing the bodice class which I will review when I am done with making the sloper.

Are there any Craftsy or other online classes you thought were money well spent? Did you feel they upped your sewing game? Please share in comments below. I love discovering new classes (makes a change from buying sewing patterns and fabric! 😉

Thanks for stopping by and happy sewing!





48 thoughts on “Self drafted A line skirt: A Craftsy class review

  1. I never understood all this ‘making a sloper’ business, thinking it was just something that those with too much time on their hands did! I now fully appreciate the advantages, thank you for putting me right.
    I would love to take part in more of the Craftsy classes but I’m still only half way through a serger class I bought in September!

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    1. You are welcome! I am glad you found the post useful. I didnt get the sloper thing either and that why I didnt get round to making it till January this year. I have the serger class on my wishlist. Is it any good so far?


      1. I bought it when my serger was very new to me so I learnt quite a lot at the beginning. But picking it up again recently I realise how much I now already know just from using it. However, I’m only 60% of the way through so I’m hoping that there is more to learn on this particular course. Mind you, I’ve picked up a good few tips along the way.

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  2. Thanks for the review. I’ll take a look at this class. A great buy for me was “my first sweater”. As I’m French, I wanted to learn the knitting terminology in English and the teacher was great. She explained everything very clearly and the little cardigan I knitted with her help is exquisite. I “speak fluent knitting”!

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    1. Ho Helene! Thanks for the tip on the the sweater class. I need to get more fluent in knitting there are things i still cant do properly – like grafting underarm stitches together! I end up just ‘sewing’ them😕


  3. This is a great review! I’ve been wanting to do a sloper class, but was worried that online ones might be a bit difficult as the teacher isn’t in the room with you, but I should give this a try – it looks like you got a really good fit. I’m interested to see how the bodice one turns out as well, I have lots of problems with bodice fitting.

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    1. Glad you found ot useful😃. The teachers really do try hard to help. Yes the fit was really good. I finished drafting the front bodice sloper and moving on to the back. The bodice is more involved than yhe skirt but its nice to be able to pause and rewind😀


  4. The skirt is lovely, inside and out 🙂 Of course the fit as I said before “stellar” so you nailed the fit and now have a sloper to make any skirt… exciting!! I just finished my skirt sloper and will blog about that soon, moving my darts over to the side magically got rid of my wrinkling issues too 🙂 I just bought 3 fabrics to make summer skirts and yesterday I drafted an empire waist pencil skirt with flounces as she did in the course. I can’t wait to do a muslin mockup of it!!

    I have come to a stand still on the bodice sloper though I am not sure how to get rid of a sway back without changing my side seams or armhole length. I posted more pictures for her to look at and eagerly waiting for a reply. The bodice class is going much slower because fitting the upper body is a lot more complicated and so, so, so many darts!!!

    One thing I am disappointed in and wondered what you thought about the bodice class is that once the sloper is made then that’s it! There are no lessons on how to apply that sloper in constructing clothing. I know that there are many other of her classes that deal with collars, sleeves, dart manipulation etc I am just hoping that all these combined will allow me to have the know how to put everything together to make a garment. Her skirt class is not like that she shows you how to make waist bands, facings, different styles etc, to actually use your sloper. For that reason I loved the skirt class it was complete. What do you think of the bodice class?

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    1. I was a tad disappointed that the class just did the sloper. As I have progressed through the class however I can see why she just did one class on creating the sloper. It is so much more work than the skirt sloper. If she had put in the darts, collars and necklines content too the class would be incredibly long (i have noticed the classes are kept to about 11 chapters on average). I have the necklines class (not yet done though) and it has some full dress exercises in it. That is one of the reasons why I decided to buy her book. All the material she covers is supposed to be in the book so once I have that it will be easier (and cheaper than buying the darts, sleeves, neckline and trousers classes).

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  5. I’ve also bought the bodice sloper class because I have such problems with fit on my top half. Have watched all the classes but not put any of it into practice yet. So much maths! I’ll be interested to see your post on the bodice sloper. Great skirt by the way, I probably should have started with that class instead!

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  6. This skirt fits you like a glove! I’m really impressed with your drafting, and I’m glad to hear you got a lot out of this class! It definitely sounds like money well spent. 🙂 I’ve been using books for drafting so far (I still have a lot to learn), but it would be great to have someone to teach me in person. The video class sounds like a great option. The main thing that turns me off to Craftsy classes is the price (especially since, as you mentioned, you don’t actually get a file to download and keep), but it sounds like that Black Friday sale was the way to go!

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    1. Thanks Carolyn! Suzy Furrer is really great at explaining concepts and I can see why she is a distinguished patternmaker who started her own college called Apparel Arts. The normal price for classes is quite steep but the sales come around often. I have used the Winifred Aldrich book to draft a skirt sloper as well but it didnt come out anywhere near as good a fit as the first Suzy Furrer sloper. Its a great class if you are interested in drafting.


  7. This post was well written and presented, Hila. You definitely benefitted from the class and are now able to explain the process to others. Pattern drafting is such a challenge but very exciting as the process goes along.

    For fitting and alternations I recommend “Readers Digest Complete Guide to Sewing”. They have a comprehensive section of fitting with illustrations for each part of a fitting problem and solution. If you buy the book look for a used copy, preferably from 1970. The latest editions are more expensive and not as good.

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    1. Thanks for the tip! I will keep an eye out for it. I need to build up my library of reference books so I dont rely on internet too much😀. I am really enjoying pattern drafting though! The possibilities are endless👏💃🎊

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  8. Hi Hila! Thanks for this nice review, I was thinking to get this class myself. I took Sew the Perfect Fit by Lynda Maynard and I found it very useful, with some great tips about sleeves fitting. Love your skirt!


    1. Thanks Carly! I have Lynda Maynard’s Sewing with Knits class and I quite enjoyed it. Havent checked out her fitting class. I do have Joy Mahon class which I have yet to actually watch😒. So much to sew and so little time!


    1. Thanks! I wanted to review the class after I had actually made something and used the Craftsy platform. Before buying it I had looked around for reviews but all i found were reviews of watching the classes. I have made 2 more skirts already that I just need to photo and blog 😃. I admire your sensible approach though I wish I could be that sensible and do more classes before buying new ones😃. Which ones have you enjoyed most of the 6?

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      1. I loved the beginners crochet class cos it really got me ‘hooked’!
        My favourite sewing ones are all of 3 of Janet prays, and also Sewing on Edge – for applying different bias trims. 😃


  9. I have her pants sloper and her bodice sloper classes. I have only watched them so far, but they are good. If you are looking for a class on what to do after you have your sloper, I found the ‘one pattern, many looks’ classes for pants and blouses great. They showed how to make any type of collar or welt pocket or any changes you choose. Nice job on the sloper!

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    1. Thanks Linda for sharing some of your favourite classes! Her pants slopper class is on my wish list – waiting for a good sale😃. In the pants class does she just do the moulage or does she do more and show you cullotes, jeans, capris etc?

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      1. I always like buying when they are on sale. In her pants class she just does a skinny leg pant and a normal leg pant. That’s why I like the “One pattern, many looks” classes too. After you get your sloper. the other classes teach how to add to it and change it with welt pockets, a zipper fly, pockets, etc.

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      2. I have ordered her book and it should have all the drafting from the classes. I think I will get the one pants many looks class once i have used the book to draft the sloper😃

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  10. One day I would like to get into making slopers. I will have to look into the Craftsy classes–it sounds like a good way to get some feedback when you run into problems. Your skirt really looks great!

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  11. Wow, the fit is great on you! Going to enrol on this one as soon as the summer hols begin – one of the perks of working in education! 😉

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  12. “The only fly in the ointment for me is the paranoia that one day these classes may not be available. Crafsty promises lifetime access but reading the small print it does say ‘Craftsy’s lifetime’ so I don’t know what that means if they get bought by someone else. I worry sometimes about this because I really like this class and find it so useful! Ah well..”

    I have the same concern, which has resulted in my not buying too many classes. Thanks for the review.

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