Purple Vogue V1440

Hello all,

I am back with my beloved Vogue V1440 top.

Since I’ve already made the pattern once, there’s not really anything new to report in terms of construction. I have made this before here in linen and I did a comprehensive post here about the construction.Purple v1440

I made this in what I now know to be a medium weight purple quilting cotton.  When I bought the fabric it was being sold as 100% cotton suitable for shirts. You live and learn.

Purple v1440 3
Check out that Collar! Like a BOSS!!

I gushed when I saw the colour and it was love at first sight. I brought it home; it washed dried and cut within 24 hours. The fabric has a beautiful jewel tone .. however it doesn’t drape very well. Its quite stiff but perfectly serviceable.

I made this exactly as before except for the collar. I decided to try glue basting. Spent £5 on fabric glue and also bought a meter of sew in light weight woven interfacing… Yeah I am not convinced. Either I messed up the application or I got the wrong glue. The collar is stiff and am considering taking off the the upper collar and leaving the collar stand.

purple v1440 2

I accidentally sewed the armband to the inside of the bodice. But thats ok… You can only see the line of edgestitching.

Purple v1440 4
Conversating with the hedge 😉

I thought I would be getting more wear out of these tops by now but the weather hasn’t been playing ball. I am hopeful for the summer though <fingers crossed> :-).

I think the next time I make it I will use a smaller collar but other than the fabric issue I really like this shirt. The colour is aMaZing!!  I have only worn it around the house with a cardi.

The pictures are a bit blurry because the light was so poor… ah well. I thought I’d use a different background.Purple v1440 1

Thanks so much for clicking by and until next time …Happy sewing everyone!





55 thoughts on “Purple Vogue V1440

  1. Yes, Hila, the color is gorgeous. Thanks for being open about the quilting cotton. I had a similar experience. We have the same thoughts. You can read mine at http://wp.me/p3y3fG-4G

    The one wonderful thing about quilting cotton and shirting cotton is that machine made buttonholes come out neatly.

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    1. Yes the buttonholes were the neates buttonholes I have made to date! Thank you for sharing this link! I enjoyed reading your well written thoughtful post. It amde look at experience differently. I did delight in pressing the seam because the quilting cotton responded so beautifully to steam and heat😃.


  2. Very intrigued by the fabric glue, haven’t come across it before! Is it supposed to firm things up a bit or is it more to keep everything in place? Love the colour of this, and the shoulder shaping at the back.

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    1. Tasia on Sewaholic has a collar making tutorial that uses glue instead of fusible interfacing. Its supposed to be more even. Looking back at it now though am not sure I got the right glue. She uses a glue stick and I have a liquid glue…need to look into it more


    1. Thats something I hadnt thought about…I will wait till I have washed it a couple of times to see if it softens. Tasia on Sewaholic has a tutorial for a collar that uses glue basting so I thought I’d try it 😒. Probably shoild hve done more research into it first though.


    1. Thanks! That back detail is why I fell for that pattern. I had no confidence I could make it but I just had to have it when in came out😀. I was inspired by your drafting a dress out of the plantain tee that I am going to try and make a shirtdress out of this pattern. Wish me luck😀


    1. Thanks Lucie! Definitely not a gym bunny but carrying around18 month old twins(at the same time one in each arm) has definitely made my arms stronger 😄. I satrted doing yoga by myself about 3 months ago and last month joined a yoga class- I am really loving it.


  3. Wow for quilting cotton it looks amazing. I can’t even tell the difference in the photographs with how it’s hanging. It’s such a beautiful color too! Well done!

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    1. Thanks Elena! Its good ro know that it doesnt look as stiff as I think. I will say though that quilting cotton is such a well behaved fabric😃


    1. Thanks Theresa! Looking at my MeMadeMay feed I am beginning to come to the realisation that I like purple! This is shocking to me because my mom loves purple and I like to think I am nothing like my mum…😁

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  4. This looks terrific, even if the drape isn’t quite what you hoped for! I’m planning to make this blouse up in a linen-rayon blend for the summer, and I know I will be referring to your thorough construction notes. I’m particularly excited about a top with the full range of motion for the arms.

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    1. A linen rayon blend sounds lovely! It does allow to do a lot and I love that about this top. I will be working on turing it into a dress as well😃. Am glad you find the notes useful.


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