MeMadeMay15 Week 2 Round up!

Big News! 2 weeks gone of Me Made May and I am having such a blast with it I cant believe how fast May is flying by. Taking the pictures every morning requires discipline but luckily Mr. SNS is now on board (resigned to it? 😉

Friday 8th May

Wearing my colour blocked Moneta with my Morris Blazer.


Saturday 9th May

Wearing my Cropped Winter Sweater


Sunday 10th May

My Parisian Top and Mabel skirt.


Monday 11th May

My Dakota Shawl Collar dress with tights and a vest underneath…it was cold.


Tuesday 12th May

Morris Blazer again with my denim Hollyburn skirt.


Wednesday 13th May

We had a little bit of sun and I was so happy! Wearing my floral Kasia Skirt


Thursday 14th May

Wore my V1440 top in linen with my Morris Blazer again.

All in all a good week so far. Here is an outtake of a yoga pose I am ridiculously proud of myself for being able to do. And the best part is……..I am wearing my linen V1440 top 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and happy sewing!




13 thoughts on “MeMadeMay15 Week 2 Round up!

  1. I adore Tuesday’s outfit. Am such a big fan of block colours and the yellow and blue rock. Inspiration for me to crack on with my Holyburn and hopefully join in next year’s me made may. Love the blazer too..

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    1. I found KinoYoga really helpful – she started by explaining the muscles you have to pay attention to then walks you through it. Good luck with it!


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