Sewaholic Granville

Hello Everyone!

Carrying on from my last post about  Sewaholic Granville I have my first Granville in proper fabric! It took a couple of days to make this.

But first let me talk about the sleeves. Since the last one was sleeveless I didn’t go into any detail about the sleeves. I made a couple of changes to the sleeves. The reviews mostly said the sleeves were on the long side. I reduced sleeve length by measuring the sleeves on my favourite work shirt. The sleeve lost 1.5″ as a result. Another change I made was the cuff: rounded corners instead of points as I don’t like/ am not very good at poking out corners. My favourite work shirt has rounded corners too so it provided inspiration ;-).

Speaking of poking out corners, I Pinterest stumbled upon this collar method on Off The Cuff Sewing Style blog and gave it a go. Using this method produced my sharpest points to date. Check it out its very interesting. For the seam finishes I just overlocked the topstitched. I want to try flat felled seams though for next time. The buttons are from Mr SNS’s old Marks and Spencer shirt that has also adorned my Holyburn skirt pockets. It has served me well.

Moving on to the fabric. It is a busy print cotton poplin which handles like a dream. Responds so well to the iron. I love fabric like that. Its not too drapey but has enough structure to hold a crease. I bought it sometime in March specifically to make a Granville after seeing Pips’ (thegirlinateacup). I felt that it looked a little bit like Liberty albeit a cheap imitation at £5/m ;-). I also thought that a busy print without having to worry about pattern matching was called for. One sweet day I will make it in proper nauseatingly expensive Liberty!

Less words more pictures……

angular shot
Ta Dah!!
another back view
Back detail.
My collar points!!
Ridonkulously proud of my points!
Placket and rounded cuff detail.
ep ep
ey shot
Kids about to photo bomb me! Hell No!”!!!
front shot
I just really liked this shot
Granville back
Closer look at the back.
I even monogrammed it 😉
side granville
Rolled up sleeves – how I mostly wear shirts.
Granville side
Love the curved hem and how it hugs the body.
last onr
Side view
nostalgic granville
No now I am trying to be serious. Really!

Granville front happy

I love this shirt – can you tell?

Thanks again for stopping by and until next time Happy sewing!








51 thoughts on “Sewaholic Granville

  1. Best Hila photoshoot ever. 🙂 You look super happy with your shirt and you should be! It’s amazing! Great fit, great fabric, and I love the monogrammed letter. 🙂 So cool! I might do that in the future. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thanks Andie! The monogram was the very last thing I did on it as a way of saying “Goodbye project I have enjoyed our time together”😄. Its crazy but i do talk to my garments as I am making them 😒

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad you liked the link😃. I love trying out mew tricks that take it to the next level! Like your tutorial on making bias binding – I have been making linen binding for piping and its reduced the tome by almost 50%. Love it!

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    1. I think you would look fab in it Clarinda! Cant wait to see your fabric choice when get round to it – I love love your fabric choices😃


    1. Thanks! I dont know if I could love it any more but it feels so comfy! Why did I not make this before? I used to buy TM Leein and Hawes and Curtis shirts but my shoulders were never quite right in them and now I am wearing and its like shoulders perfect, bust perfect plus comfy. Score! Shirtmaking is quite addictive though. I have another one cut out😁

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  2. OMG THIS IS AWESOME. It makes me want to run around and frolic in your yard and attempt to photobomb you, too! I even love the mini-monogram! This shirt is very flattering and hugs at all the right places.

    I definitely need this pattern now. Time to wait for a sale and stock up on more Sewaholic happiness!

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  3. I love it too! I wouldn’t want to spend four times the amount you did on fabric – this fabric is cute enough! So many techniques and skills in this, you should be so proud of yourself! It’s perfect!

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  4. Woman! You completely rock this shirt! You definitely need to take the next step and purchase that Liberty. A side warning though, you may never want to sew in any other fabric ever again. You’ve done an amazing job. Pips xxx

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  5. Love this! This print was so perfect for a Granville. You really nailed the fit with all your modifications, and yes, your collar points look extremely pointy. 🙂 Great job on this project! It’s a winner.

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  6. 1. The blouse came out so very well and the fit is excellent! Take a bow!
    2. Thank you SO much for the link to the collar point tutorial. This is a problem for me. Why is it sewing books and even sewing schools do not always teach such simple techniques?? Anyway I will def give it a try.

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  7. I am working on my first Archer and today is the day I’m going to tackle the collar. I will check out that tutorial before I begin because I want my points to be as sharp as yours! Also, I may steal your idea and monogram mine, too! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good luck with your Archer! Hope you like the technique as much as I did😃. I just bought the Adler – love Grainline studio’s drafting.


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