MeMadeMay15 Week 3 Round up!

Oh wow 3 weeks of Me Made May already gone! Phew! Here is my week three….

Friday 15th May

My Marion Cardigan over my Giselle dress


Saturday 16th May

Wearing my Japanese Sewing Book Boat Dress


Sunday 17th May

I didnt post on IG but I repeated my Moneta dressMay Day Essex Trip 217



Monday 18th May

My McCalls M6844 High low peplum jacket.


Tuesday 19th May

Morris Blazer again with my  Burda Cap sleeve tee


Wednesday 20th May

My Mabel skirt with my Couture Coco top.


Thursday 21st May

Burda Kasia skirt with my V1440 top.

And popping a Morris blazer for a quick work meeting 😉


My analysis so far is that I have one pair of shoes and it gets a LOT of wear! Maybe I should make my own shoes ;-). Final MeMadeMay Round Up coming soon!

Thanks for stopping by and happy sewing!




12 thoughts on “MeMadeMay15 Week 3 Round up!

    1. I used to lpve dangly earrings until my first baby grabbed one and nearly ripped out my ear lobe😆. I ahvent doen earrings for almost a decade now as a result. Probably when kids get older I will get my ears repierced😃.


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