More Self drafted skirts

Hi everyone!

Remember my  post reviewing Suzy Furrer’s Craftsy Class? Well I have been at it and drafted this little A line mini skirt.


I lowered the waist and drafted a contoured waistband. The pocket drafting lesson was really easy to follow and after my first attempt I have working pockets! Yay!
mini 3
The fit came out perfect even if I do say so myself.
Fabric is linen (my favourite) and lined with an anti cling fabric I bought off Ebay ages ago for a now forgotten project ;-).
I like this skirt! More to come soon.

mini 1

Mini 2
In went the invisible zip and tralalala……
Wonky factor here! I didnt cut my lining properly……ah well Done is better than perfect 😉

After much pondering I have reached the conclusion that I might actually really like skirts! 😉

Thanks for stopping by and happy sewing everyone!



PS. I love sewing and the sense of power it gives me over what I wear but I have to say that I love pattern drafting ! It makes me feel like I’ve got the power. Do you know what I mean?ivegotthepower


41 thoughts on “More Self drafted skirts

  1. Awesome skirt Hila, I love this soft pink 🙂 I love linen too but hate the wrinkle factor that it has I may try some fabrics that have linen mixed with cotton see if it wrinkles less. Your pics here are perfect no wrinkles in your skirt and the fit is of course……drum roll…..awesome 🙂 Ok now I have that song stuck in my head this morning “I got the power” lol

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    1. Thanks! Linen will always wrinlle but I just love it so! I dont know what it about linen but I would make eveything in it if I could. One of the other Craftsy classes I did was a Gail Yellan one where she said she interfaces all her linen and that really reduces the wrinkle factor. Its something I want to try at some point – make a linen blazer with all the pattern pieces interfaces and see bow that works out. I auite like the colour too. I had planned on dyeing it to something more vibrant but I fell for the colour when I tried on the skirt😃

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    1. Not daft at all, I think sewing is always about learning and trying out new things. I had never thought to line a skirt either but the class has me trying out new thinhs and honestly I doubt I will ever not line a skirt again😃

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  2. I love this skirt! Really nice detail on the pockets. Totally agree with you about the pattern drafting, I’ve just been doing some myself and it feels really nice that it is meant to fit YOU and no-one else 😉 Also, just bought the Suzy Furrer class, so hopefully I’ll be whipping up some self-drafted skirts in no time!

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    1. Oh a golf skirt I like that! I am going to start calling it the Golf skirt – sounds better than easy pocket skirt 😄. You will learn so much from the course its a good one!

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  3. Ha ha ha ha! Sewing IS power and you are right about drafting, too. I’ve barely dipped my toe in, but after trying it just a little, I went into Anthropologie and, in my mind, I was like, “I will NOT pay that price for your simple skirt! I could make everything in here!!!” Then I didn’t, but I COULD HAVE. 😉 I love your pockets. Great shape. I also agree that done is better than perfect. That was an important lesson in my sewing life. 🙂 Great job!

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    1. I totally do that with catalogues that come through the post! I browse them and am like “That just an A line skirt with double welt pockets! I CAN make it if I wanted to!” such a nice feeling!

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