I made a Jumpsuit! Simplicity 1142 for #jumpingintojune

Hello chums!

I did it! I made a jumpsuit! I wore said jumpsuit! I LOVE said jumpsuit!

No seriously I love it! So loved it I was inspired to write this post last week about jumpsuits. Its a trend I’ve never really got on board with but when I saw Ali’s BHL Holly jumpsuit post I joined #jumpingintojune challenge.

I am very low maintenance and a lazy dresser so I like throw on and go items. My choice of jumpsuit was this reasonably priced Simplicty 1142. This tie waist jumpsuit can be dressed up and dressed down depending on the occasion. It’s a simple outfit that I can chuck on and never feel underdressed. I do feel like fabulous when I am wearing this. Will I be making more jumpsuits!  Hellz YEAH!!!

The fabric is a polyester lightweight with good drape suited to this blousey jumpsuit. The fabric was quite slippery to work with but I managed. The print is busy and I can get away with imperfect seam matching. I picked up this fabric at an Essex car boot sale a couple of months ago : £3 for 4meters  :-).Tintins Birthday 255

I love that its got pockets. Nice deep pockets.There is an elastic casing on the waist. I also added elastic to the leg cuffs for a more sporty feel.

The ties on the neck are adjustable so they be as high or low as I want. Its easy to slip it on and off.Tintins Birthday 205Tintins Birthday 208Tintins Birthday 217Tintins Birthday 236Tintins Birthday 218Tintins Birthday 256Tintins Birthday 257

And for the jump shots….Tintins Birthday 247 Tintins Birthday 254Tintins Birthday 229

And trying to do a “Put a ring on it” move….badly….
Tintins Birthday 210

I am a jumpsuit convert…so much so I bought the Holly Jumpsuit when it was on sale for 50% off! I will probably be jumping into July as well.

Have you been converted to entertaining the idea of a jumpsuit yet?

Happy sewing everyone!




Stress free Giselle dresses: ONE Pattern TWO Takes

Hello everyone!

I am excited to share my last entry for IPM2015 over at The monthly stitch. I cant believe IPM is nearly over – its been a blast so far and I have added some really great pieces to my evergrowing handmade wardrobe. The Pattern I chose for 1 pattern 2 Takes is Kate and Rose’s Giselle dress.

Decided on this pattern as I have made a winter Giselle before here for Froctober. I love and wear this dress regularly. Making both dresses was stress free.PicMonkey Collage

Dress 1 is view A with the shaped midriff. I made it in linen. The linen was dyed Jeans blue using Dylon fabric dye. I am very pleased with the result. I knew I wanted to use the decorative stitches on my machine to create a feature of what was otherwise a plain dress. So using my colour wheel I narrowed down to three colours which I auditioned on scraps and decided on  mustard gold thread. Its spun polyester from my stash – nothing fancy. While trying out the stitches it it occured to me that the stitches would look good on the V neck as well. I played around with the settings and got a size of stars I liked. For the bias binding I made linen binding but I thought how cute would it be to have some contrast floral binding instead and whoop whoop! A lovely inside with floral contrasts.

As much as I love my winter Giselle I have always felt that it needed pockets so for this one  I drafted some pockets to go in the side seams. But to give them more support I drafted them so the top part of the pocket is also on the waist. I am hoping it will reduce gaping when pocket is in use. For the pockets, left over scraps from my Granville shirt were used – a fabric I love dearly. It cotton poplin so a good match for linen.

For the hem it had to be three lines of star stitching. They are not the same size each gets slightly smaller. Its a teeny tiny detail but I love it. Which leads me to my top tips for sewing a decorative hem (it was a steep learning curve for me).

1. Always start with a full bobbin. The last thing you want is to run out and have to loose your setting while you refill a bobbin.

2. At the end leave long thread tails so you can thread a needle and neatly move thread behind and then cut. Makes for a neat finish.

3. Steam, not press, but steam to set the stitches on both sides. Its a nice luxe finish. (less flat).

Not much else to say except that we were in Essex last weekend and took advantage to get some location shots 😉

Dress 2 is view B which is a sleeveless maxi dress with empire waist and tiered skirt. The fabric is a delicious scrummy cotton lawn! Hello new love of my sewing life! Cutting into lawn: orgasmic!. Sewing lawn: orgasmic! Its such a fantastic material to work with! I honestly dont know why its taken me so long to get round to this marvellous fabric! Speaking of which I picked this up at Leeds market. At £7/m it was a splurge for me but those colours! When I bought the fabric I had no idea what to do with it but when this challenge popped up the haze lifted! Only problem was I didnt have enough fabric. The skirt would be fuller but I made do with what I had. It still looks good.

I used black satin bias binding for armholes and neckline. For the contrast empire waist I wanted to add a bit of texture to it and used the decorative top stitcing. The only disappointment was the black contrast fabric which I purchased on Ebay sold as 100% cotton poplin. But I dont think its 100% cotton because when I used the cotton setting on my iron it burnt the fabric. I think its actually polycotton. Its stiff and unyielding compared to the lawn. Ah well you live and learn. Its still a fun dress. Lush to wear and so comfortable!

I love these dress and they are perfect for summery hot days. Now come on Summer I am ready and waiting for you! Pretty please come. We in the sewing community have made so many lovely things for you. Have you made something waiting for summer to come too?

Thanks ever so much for stopping by! Happy sewing everyone!



Jumping into June 2015: My thoughts.

Did you know that jumpsuit the word originated in the  1940s (originally US): so named because it was first used to denote a parachutist’s garment.

noun: jumpsuit; plural noun: jumpsuits
  1. a garment incorporating trousers and a sleeved top in one piece, worn as a fashion item, protective garment, or uniform.

From ABBA to Elvis Presley jumpsuits have had a dubious reputation. This year after starting Wardrobe Architect and dropping out I realised that my style is still defining itself. There are so many things I had never bought because I carry a lot of conditioning about what’s OK to wear. But through sewing I have become open minded and this is the year for me to try out new styles, silhouettes etc. I am having fun. Especially when sewing as part of a challenge.

Ali kinda goaded me into joining the #JumpingintoJune challenge.  She rightly sensed my interest as an onlooker who kept popping up on all her jumpsuit posts. I loved her By Hand London jumpsuit.

Several other lovely bloggers have joined and here are their jumpsuits so far. You can see a lineup of jumpsuits here.

After researching and reading up on jumpsuits I have come to the conclusion that they are awesome! First of all I love that this is a piece of kit that started out as  simple garment designed to insulate the body from the cold of high altitudes and minimize risk of covering important handles and grips – a practical utility garment. That’s kick ass for me.

They are used all over the place. Drivers and pilots wear jumpsuits. Manual labourers. Sportspersons. They are used as prison uniforms (Orange is the New Black anyone?). And lets not forget how incredibly useful they are with little children – simple to launder, put on and remove compared to an ensemble outfit.

The jumpsuit made its way to high fashion where apparently “it is often attractive to designers because it has an unbroken line running from the neck to the feet and can be flattering on some body shapes“.

I have came to love the idea of a jumpsuit- Simple. Easy. Casual.  So I am sharing some jumpsuit pictures that I liked. So much variety…..Enjoy!

Solange Knowles wore a jumpsuit as one of her wedding outfits! Wow!

I can think of at least  5 reasons why a jumpsuit is awesome. Can you? 

Happy sewing everyone!



PS. I finished my jumpsuit a couple of days ago but have yet to take pictures. So that post will be coming soon!

Sewing feet giveaway winner!

Hello everyone!

Happy Monday! Raining here but never mind I am bringing my own sunshine 🙂

So giveaway closed and I used Random.org to generate a random number and the winner is…….Giveaway generator

23 which corresponds to…………….Linda giveaway winner

Congratulations Linda! I will be in touch to arrange postage.


Happy sewing everyone!




Lekala 4026 New to me…..#IPM2015 Week 3

Hello everyone!

Happy days! More Indie Pattern Month shenanigans to share. For Week 3 the challenge is to use a new to you indie pattern.

Whilst searching for a Jumping into June jumpsuit pattern, blog pal Ali of Thimberlina recommended Lekala.

I did not find the jumpsuit I wanted but I did come across dress 4026. The shift dress has princess line seams and some pocket detail that I thought was cute. 2 clicks of a mouse and I had a PDF sent to my email. Putting the paper together was easy. The patterns have minimal markings and I like that. I decided to use a lightweight crepe pinstripe fabric. To break up the stripe I played with bias cut on the side panels to create an interesting chevron. This crepe has quite a bit of stretch on the bias.

I’m quite impressed the instructions. They were clear, logical and easy to follow. Certainly better than Burda downloads!

While cutting the side panels I did forget that there were no seam allowances however I was lucky because of the stretch the fabric has on the bias. It took 2 wrong cuts to get the correct grainline on the bias. I wanted the chevron to point up and not down. Got there in the end :-).

I finished all my seams in red.  Red contrasts nicely with the pin stripe. For armholes a simple baby hem by serging edge then topstitcing. I did not want it bulky so double fold was out of question. The neck finish is quite possibly my favourite! Made some bias binding (from the side panels that were cut in wrong bias direction) and used it to finish. Seams were also topstitched. I left out the epaulets and buttons as I wanted this to be something I can wear for work especially for meetings.

I am very pleased with this dress. I have worn it twice already to work with my Morris blazer! I felt pretty good.. Its very comfortable and it can be worn with a belt. I do like it with my red wide belt.

Lekala patterns are new to me. I confess I had not thought to try them because I was skeptical about the price.  Digital custom fitted sewing patterns for less than £2? I thought they were too good to be true. However the fit on this dress is great. I did not make a muslin so there were no adjustments. I am extremely pleased with this dress and I will be making another in linen with the buttons and epaulets yeah! In fact I have also been browsing their extensive range of patterns and even bought another one 😉

Enough text now for piccies!

Thanks to Monthly stitch guys for hosting #IndiePatternMonth. I am having such a blast with these challenges!

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy sewing.

Sewaholic + Mouse House Creations = Julia Hollyburn


I am super excited to share my makes for The Monthly Stitche’s Indie Pattern Month separates competition. This post is quite photo and text intensive so I am just going to get right into it. If you don’t have time to read through or like me struggle with uber long posts here it all is in a nutshell! There are loads of pictures further down 🙂

I’d also love to hear what you think of this post format where I put all text first then all the pictures at the end. Trying something new. Enough dilly dallying – on to the good stuff 🙂PicMonkey Collage

Sewaholic Holyburn in Barkcloth

I love a Holyburn I have made 4 Holyburns so far here. This one was inspired by Beth’s (AfterDarkSewing) Ruby dress. I loved the navy and white colour and how it worked on the circle skirt part. I never did find a similar navy and white spot fabric I liked but I did come across this Time Warp Cloud 9 Navy ripple barkcloth. Image source: cloud9fabrics.com/

Since I have already made this pattern before I was able to  focus on constructing it with tulle. I have never used tulle before.I did Suzy Furrer’s Skirt Drafting class and she shows some of her A line flare skirts that hang so beautifully. She advises using tulle to lift a flare skirt especially if you are using a heavyish fabric.

I really wanted to showcase the fabric. I bought 1.25m  and just managed to squeeze in a Holyburn sans the pockets. There was not enough fabric to do the pockets but that’s OK because pattern matching would have been a nightmare. Instead it would have side seam pockets using the pocket pattern piece from  Moneta. I cut the front piece on the fold instead of having 2 pieces. I had to remember to not cut out the pocket so to be on the safe side I put a post it note on the pattern before I started cutting! When you have made a pattern this many times it very easy to just go on autopilot 😉

Now the cutting of the fabric has its own little drama worthy of a separate post but I will try to condense. Barkcloth has quite a loose weave and stretches like mad when cut on the bias. In addition, because of its loose weave it frays and unravels…quickly. Tarry at your peril she unravels faster than Lindsay Lohan. I didn’t overlock before prewash so I lost some length :-(. Ah well. It made me change my approach to finishing the seams. Basically I would cut out a piece and off it  went to the overclocker straight away  before cutting out the next piece etc. After steaming to set the overlocked edge I staystitched each individual piece. Even with all these precautions it still stretched out! I spent ages trying to get perfect pattern matching on the back seam but by the time I got to inserting the zip there was about an inch excess fabric…could have had perfect pattern matching but poor fit…which to choose? Ack! Decisions decisions! Can you guess which I chose?

I lost all my marks since I serged the edges straight away. Without the pockets, the pattern pieces are so similar. I got round it but it’s something to think about before cutting and serging. Next time I will use pins.

Next up, the waistband was cut on bias and ironed out. I was ironing out the stretch before applying fusible interfacing. The waistband would be unstable otherwise. OMG the waist band kept stretching and lengthening until it had about 1/3 extra length. Once interfaced it was good to go.

Next on the list was sorting out the side seam pockets. The material for pocket bags is the same as the lining material used for the skirt. I didn’t want to add bulk. I love the luxurious feel of the lining but my gosh it was a slippery thing! Well worth it though for the beautiful feel of silk. Its a synthetic silk.

The tulle is nice and lightweight used for bridal wear. I cut 2 layers of tulle exactly like the pattern and made them up separately before attaching at the waistband. The tulle went in before the lining. The tulle also acted as a stabiliser when I inserted the invisible zip. Used Nicole’s (Sewing with Scooby Snacks) tutorial and achieved a near perfect seam alignment! To reduce bulk at waist I used petersham ribbon which is a fab fab invention! Again this is worthy of its own post but I will try to be succint. Petersham = awesome!!!!!! I used A Challenging Sew’s tutorial here. A good resource worth bookmarking.

The skirt had to be hung up for 2-3 days for the barkcloth and lining to drop. Its cut on bias so it needed to release its stretch. Hem finished with a red bias binding for pop of colour.

Verdict I love love love this skirt!

Mouse House Creations  Julia cardigan


I will start of by saying you can never have too many cardigans. When I saw this pattern for the Julia Cardigan my fate was sealed. It was one of those purchases I didn’t even have to think twice about. And I’m SO pleased I got it!  Its quick to sew up and entirely completed on the overlocker.  I chose the 3/4 sleeve with a doubled-over collar (to avoid the need to hem). I love a pattern that doesn’t require any hemming.

I don’t actually know what the fabric is – it looks like an interlock knit. Its been in my stash for yonks now. It was only 1m but I managed to squeeze in a cardie. You need 4 of the collar pieces and lets just say that 2 of them are off grain!

Ok more deets on Julia: its sized XS – 3XL…how awesome is that! The cardigan drapes around the waist creating a lovely curved shape.   It also drapes so prettily around the neck

Size wise: I cut a small, based on my high bust measurement. It’s flattering without being too tight. Though I’m really happy with the fit when I make it again I will do a slight broad shoulder adjustment.

The instructions were really clear and easy to follow with a photo for every step. They also include tips on how to customize the fit to your own body. I love this about the instructions – I am such a visual person.

I would say that this is a beginner pattern with really basic construction: 1.sew shoulders,  2.attach sleeves in the flat,  3. sew side seams, 4. add cuffs, 5.the collar. The longest bit was sewing on the collar. I took me less than 2 hours to make this and that was because I was trying to make sure I didn’t muck anything up. I am looking forward to the second one because I know it will be faster to sew up. Oh and did I mention I made the doubled up hem version…so there is absolutely no hemming involved 😉 Yeah!!  If you aren’t crazy about hemming knits this option is lovely!!

That’s it! This cardigan is beyond comfy. I think this is a great pattern!  It ticks so many boxes.

Do you have any good cardigan patterns that you would recommend?  I feel like I am only scratching the surface of whats available to sew….

Now for the pictures. Double Sewaholic because I am wearing my Granville sleeveless shirt as well :-).


Chatting with the kids through the window

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my little space on the interweb!

Happy sewing!




Organising my sewing cave, 1k likes and a giveaway!

Hello everyone!

Happy Thursday! I have been having little sewing time recently but never mind about that. I did get an unexpected free 30 minutes. But 30 minutes is not enough to get my sewing machine out of its box.

Against my instant gratification monkey I did something that needed to be done – organise my sewing cave. My sewing takes place on our dining table. My sewing machine lives by the front door which we cant use because it has become a default storage space for part of my fabric horde, overlocker and sewing machine among other things.

My sewing tools, notions, current sewing projects and remnants are stuffed into the drawer section of an armoire that we also use to store our plates, cups, crockery,etc. The drawer section used to store all the food stuffs we buy in bulk (5 kids = Costco; awesome!) and the fancy wine glasses that only come out at Christmas for mulled wine. Now it moonlights as my sewing cave.space

This space had gotten to a point weher I had stopped using it because I could not find anything and each time I opened it was a reminder that I needed to spend my precious little free time sorting it out. Oh and it doesn’t help that its like the holy grail for the kids too – I cant open it around them unless its a quick in and out because they just love pulling things out. So organising had to be limited to nap times.clear

But I did it! Using pomodoro technique, got my timer, set 20 minutes and off I went. I decided to put everything into clear zip lock bag so I could easily identify what’s what. I also just put similar items all in one bag – lol sounds simple but I would just shove any new purchase in there. Now I have  bag for bias binding, petersham ribbons, elastics, trims, buttons. Zips went into a box. I threw out remnants reluctantly but it had to be done.more

The upside was discovering this gorgeous trim I had forgotten about!fave

And right at the furthest back I found this sewing machine feet set I bought on Amazon last year. Unfortunately I broke 3 needles before I realised the feet were not compatible to my Husqvarna (the problem with late night web surfing!).giveawa

So in order to celebrate getting 1000 likes on this blog I am going to do a giveaway! I love giveaways – I am always entering myself but am yet to win anything from a giveaway; I live in hope;-)

So if you are interested in winning this set of machine feet please say so in comments below with a way of contacting you if you should win. If you have a blog I can easily contact through your blog. But of you don’t have a blog please leave an email address so I can get in touch.  Here is the link to the amazon page of the sewing machine feet. They are compatible with Brother Singer Janome Toyota low shank Sewing Machines and more low shank sewing machines.

I am closing the giveaway in one week and will use a random number generator for the winner. Its open worldwide.

Here’s to organising sewing caves! Have you done yours recently ? Or have you, like me, been sticking your head in the sand for far too long?

Happy sewing everyone!




Hello Sewaholic Hollyburn the 4th! A summer Holyburn!

Sewaholic Patterns Hollyburn Skirt Sewing Pattern Review

Hello good people!

I have made another Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt! No.4. Since I have made this before in denim, in gold tweed mix and in crepe – there is little more to say about construction! Fabric is a drapey viscose in a light purple colour with some embroidery flowers. I made view B with the short skirt. It’s one of the first of my summer Hollyburns. I have a bevy of Holyburns and its growing!

Ok nuff said..on to pictures 😉 Wearing it with my linen Morris blazer for the pictures:-).Visc1 visc2 visc3 visc4 visc5 visc7

Hollyburn Skirt Plus Grainline Studio Morris Blazer

It goes without saying this is my comfort sewing TNT pattern. It takes me about 3.5 hours to make (from cutting to hemming) if it unlined. What’s your comfort sewing TNT pattern?

Thanks for stopping and Happy sewing all!




Sewaholic Patterns Hollyburn Skirt Sewing Pattern

Hollyburn Sewing Pattern

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One Moneta, Two Monetas, Three Monetas, Four!

Hello everyone!

One Moneta
Two Monetas
Three Monetas

I hope you are all having lovely sunny weather like we are up in the north of England! Its sunny! I am super excited to share this 4th Moneta!!! Yes thats right! Fourth Moneta I have made! Its my MonetMonthly Stitch IPM2015 Dresses entry.

Knowing I needed a sleeveless Moneta I picked up this lightweight 4 way stretch jersey a few months back.  It cost me £5/meter so a good bargain. Its been in my stash about 6 months so yay for stash  busting ;-). The lining is a 2 way stretch cotton jersey.

Colette patterns provides a free extras booklet here which includes patterns and instructions for five additional collar variations you can use for the Moneta dress. Collars include: peter pan collar, round collar (I made one here), scalloped collar, bow collar and tie collar. I was going to make the scalloped collar but as I cut the fabric, a sudden impulse to go with the peter pan collar was hard to ignore. Yes I am a sucker for a peter pan collar.

I knew the peter pan collar  would looks great in a solid colour on the floral print bodice!  It would have been white but I had no white jersey fabric in my stash. Never mind – I am very pleased with this outcome:-). Luckily there was some knit fusible interfacing in my stash which I used to stabilise the collar. I did try making the collar without interfacing  (I couldn’t be bothered to go and rummage through the attic boxes to locate the interfacing) but it was sad sad looking floppy thing so I bit the bullet and started the collar all over again.

I sewed the curves of the collar on my serger. Not a good idea! Must use a sewing machine next time because there was some wonkiness there. The collar is a simple rounded style with a slight lap in front. So its quite important to be accurate ~ I wasn’t with the overlocker. I ended up with a 1cm gap between the ends of the collar at the front…so mmm.. yeah I decided an upside down heart shaped button would do the trick of covering up my booboo ;-). It will do…Done is better than perfect Hila! Done is better than perfect.

My previous Monetas and I have had waist elastic issues threatening our otherwise blissful relationship but this time round I nailed it LIKE A BOSS!!!! Got the gathering perfectly evenly distributed without ripping the clear elastic. When I sewed the waist to the bodice its was perfectly encased in the overlocker thread. So ridonkulously proud of that! I guess 4 times was the charm;-)

I found the instructions very easy and clear to understand. Even the armholes were easy to manage. Colette provide a video tutorial as well as a sewalong. The clean finish lined armhole creates a lovely professional finish that I will definitely be carrying it forward into future makes. The hem was finished with a 2.0mm twin needle. It was a struggle. The material is so lightweight I had to pull ever so gently to keep it taut and keep it from getting eaten by the machine. Next time I use such a jersey I will stick to zig zag stitch for the hem.

I really love the contrast peter pan collar of this pattern and the pockets! I also love the back collar with its feminine shape. Love the gathering at the waist…ok you get the picture I love this dress and I love this pattern. It comes highly recommend as a great little wash and wear dress. This simple children’s rhyme sums up my future with Moneta (following from the first part)…..

Five Monetas
Six Monetas
Seven Monetas

Now for oodles and oodles of pictures. Enjoy! I have included one behind the scenes pic – can you tell which one it is?



MeMadeMay 2015 My thoughts…..


Hello everyone! 12

Eeek! This is my last MMM15 post I promise. First many thanks to Zoe for hosting this fantastic challenge! I made a pledge to wear at least one me made garment a day for every day of May. I wore a me made for 30 of the 31 days! Not bad! There were a few repeats but overall my me made wardrobe wasn’t as meager as I thought.

Insights gained…..

1. I actually like colour! Its wierd to say but I never realised how incredibly colourful my me mades were. Seeing them all catalogued was like wow! The funny thing is my mum loves colour and I adamantly believed I was more muted lol!

2. Looking at my pictures its hard for me to clearly see what my style is. I got a bit hung up on the question of style when I started doing Colette Wardrobe Architect 2015 (which I abandoned as it created feelings of despair at my inability to articulate what I liked and didn’t like). I sew things I like in fabrics that I like. I am happy with that for now. Making my own garments has opened up my mind to different styles that I would never have considered if it was RTW e.g. the Holyburn skirt with its high waistband. Growing up I was told that its not flattering to have a skirt or dress sit on your high waist (heck I didn’t even realise that the waist was the narrowest part of the body – I thought it was kinda between my belly button and pelvis 😉 Point is I never ever tried circle skirts or high waisted skirts I just believed they would make me look dumpy (something I read in one of those glossy mags you catch up with in the dentist waiting room) Anyway now I have about 4 Holyburns. So sewing rocks like that!

3. I need to get past my fear and actually make some jeans. Harking back to RTW I bought my jeans under the false impression that low waist kick flare jeans were the bees knees….well not quite. They might be the bees knees for 6 ft tall Giselle Bundchen but not for moi! I am wearing them with my self stripey drafted tee and McCall M6844 and they just don’t work. My other straight leg jeans are ok but they gape at the waistband.

4. I need more tee shirts.

5. I loved wearing my me mades to work and I will be doing that more. I have tended to wear black trousers and a white or plain shirt but I think I will sprinkle more of the real me in there.

6. I love my Morris blazer!

7. The one day I didn’t wear a me made was when I was so poorly I was in bed all day in my pjs and housecoat. So I must make myself some pjs 😉

8. I cant decide which is my favourite outfit! Judging by the likes on IG it should probably be the purple V1440 with Morris Blazer;-)

My only beef with MM15 was the mega wardrobe envy I suffered! So many patterns to make using so many different fabrics! So much inspiration! Yes I am glad I did it and I will be wearing at least one me made everyday from hence forth ;-).

Now that rambling is over I am off to make my things for The Monthly Stitch Indie Pattern Month! I missed it last year and I plan on making up for that plus there’s is free patterns to be won! Yip yip!!!

I am also jumping into June!

Thanks for stopping by and happy sewing!




MeMadeMay15 Week 4 Round up!

Ah May! To where have you run off? So MeMadeMay came to an end yesterday and wow! I had so much fun! The best bit for me was the other sewcialists feeds which were so incredibly amazing and inspiring! My sewing queue has doubled! Here is my round up of Week 4. I will do another post – this month has been so hectic that I havent really analysed whats what IYSWIM.

Friday 22nd May

Black crepe Holyburn skirt with my Granville shirt. A double Sewaholic day!


Saturday23rd May

Wearing my red ponte McCalls M6844 peplum cardigan and unblogged self drafted tee shirt.


Sunday 24th May

Was very poorly with a stomach bug that had me in bed all day so no IG ;-(


Monday 25th May

Refashioned high low peplum top


Tuesday 26th May

Self drafted linen skirt with Burda cap sleeve tee shirt


Wednesday 27th May

We had a little bit of sun wore my Carme blouse.


Thursday 28th May

Wore my purple V1440 top with my Morris Blazer again.


Friday 29th May

Lady Skater dress


Saturday 30th May

My self drafted skirt No.2 aka The golf skirt and Parisian top


Sunday 31st May

My V1440 leggings and a huge huge happy grin at having managed to mostly do MMM15 😉

Now that my marking work is mostly done I can actually think about how this went but thats another post 😉 Thanks to Zo for hosting! Hope you all enjoyed MMM15 in one way or another!

Thanks for stopping by and happy sewing!

Outtake of a headstand I am super proud of