MeMadeMay15 Week 4 Round up!

Ah May! To where have you run off? So MeMadeMay came to an end yesterday and wow! I had so much fun! The best bit for me was the other sewcialists feeds which were so incredibly amazing and inspiring! My sewing queue has doubled! Here is my round up of Week 4. I will do another post – this month has been so hectic that I havent really analysed whats what IYSWIM.

Friday 22nd May

Black crepe Holyburn skirt with my Granville shirt. A double Sewaholic day!


Saturday23rd May

Wearing my red ponte McCalls M6844 peplum cardigan and unblogged self drafted tee shirt.


Sunday 24th May

Was very poorly with a stomach bug that had me in bed all day so no IG ;-(


Monday 25th May

Refashioned high low peplum top


Tuesday 26th May

Self drafted linen skirt with Burda cap sleeve tee shirt


Wednesday 27th May

We had a little bit of sun wore my Carme blouse.


Thursday 28th May

Wore my purple V1440 top with my Morris Blazer again.


Friday 29th May

Lady Skater dress


Saturday 30th May

My self drafted skirt No.2 aka The golf skirt and Parisian top


Sunday 31st May

My V1440 leggings and a huge huge happy grin at having managed to mostly do MMM15 😉

Now that my marking work is mostly done I can actually think about how this went but thats another post 😉 Thanks to Zo for hosting! Hope you all enjoyed MMM15 in one way or another!

Thanks for stopping by and happy sewing!

Outtake of a headstand I am super proud of




13 thoughts on “MeMadeMay15 Week 4 Round up!

  1. I so enjoy your fun pictures!! You have the best playful poses so natural and fun!! Great model 😉 The clothes are fabulous I agree with Kathryn the color combo of the mustard blazer with the purple shirt is awesome! I love that high low top too.

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    1. Glad you like them too! I started getting posing fatigue so that was me dealing with pose fatigue! I dont know how real models do it. I had fun though and it helped that Mr SNS was on board as daily photographer😃

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  2. What a treat for the eyes and a heap of inspiration there is here … I can’t imagine how fulfilling it must be to be able to wear your handmade wardrobe. It feels like a major challenge at my starting blocks but I hope to be joining you next Me Made May – awesome style and creations 🙂


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