MeMadeMay 2015 My thoughts…..


Hello everyone! 12

Eeek! This is my last MMM15 post I promise. First many thanks to Zoe for hosting this fantastic challenge! I made a pledge to wear at least one me made garment a day for every day of May. I wore a me made for 30 of the 31 days! Not bad! There were a few repeats but overall my me made wardrobe wasn’t as meager as I thought.

Insights gained…..

1. I actually like colour! Its wierd to say but I never realised how incredibly colourful my me mades were. Seeing them all catalogued was like wow! The funny thing is my mum loves colour and I adamantly believed I was more muted lol!

2. Looking at my pictures its hard for me to clearly see what my style is. I got a bit hung up on the question of style when I started doing Colette Wardrobe Architect 2015 (which I abandoned as it created feelings of despair at my inability to articulate what I liked and didn’t like). I sew things I like in fabrics that I like. I am happy with that for now. Making my own garments has opened up my mind to different styles that I would never have considered if it was RTW e.g. the Holyburn skirt with its high waistband. Growing up I was told that its not flattering to have a skirt or dress sit on your high waist (heck I didn’t even realise that the waist was the narrowest part of the body – I thought it was kinda between my belly button and pelvis 😉 Point is I never ever tried circle skirts or high waisted skirts I just believed they would make me look dumpy (something I read in one of those glossy mags you catch up with in the dentist waiting room) Anyway now I have about 4 Holyburns. So sewing rocks like that!

3. I need to get past my fear and actually make some jeans. Harking back to RTW I bought my jeans under the false impression that low waist kick flare jeans were the bees knees….well not quite. They might be the bees knees for 6 ft tall Giselle Bundchen but not for moi! I am wearing them with my self stripey drafted tee and McCall M6844 and they just don’t work. My other straight leg jeans are ok but they gape at the waistband.

4. I need more tee shirts.

5. I loved wearing my me mades to work and I will be doing that more. I have tended to wear black trousers and a white or plain shirt but I think I will sprinkle more of the real me in there.

6. I love my Morris blazer!

7. The one day I didn’t wear a me made was when I was so poorly I was in bed all day in my pjs and housecoat. So I must make myself some pjs 😉

8. I cant decide which is my favourite outfit! Judging by the likes on IG it should probably be the purple V1440 with Morris Blazer;-)

My only beef with MM15 was the mega wardrobe envy I suffered! So many patterns to make using so many different fabrics! So much inspiration! Yes I am glad I did it and I will be wearing at least one me made everyday from hence forth ;-).

Now that rambling is over I am off to make my things for The Monthly Stitch Indie Pattern Month! I missed it last year and I plan on making up for that plus there’s is free patterns to be won! Yip yip!!!

I am also jumping into June!

Thanks for stopping by and happy sewing!





23 thoughts on “MeMadeMay 2015 My thoughts…..

  1. Congratulations on completing MMM. I love your colourful clothes! Looking forward to you making jeans though – that must be the next logical step!

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    1. I used Canva a free site for making any graphic stuff like posters, collages etc. Its easy to use just choose layout, drag and drop pictures and when you are done you can download as an image or pdf file. Its a fun tool. I cant even remember that last time I wore heels – even got married in flats😄.


  2. What a glorious collection. You should be really proud. I think your style is very evident from looking at the photographs together – fitted but comfortable silhouette with a strong emphasis on colour. You really suit bright colours and a strong contrast. You look beautiful.

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    1. Thanks Kate! I love how you just know exactly whats what and you put into words something I struggled with for weeks to articulate😃. I am glad my clothes look comfortable as well as feel comfortable for me.

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  3. Fantastic collection, congrats on a MMM well done! Bright colors definitely suit you. Making jeans are highly addictive by the way and so much fun I highly recommend trying that out. I have made 2 pairs and they are my favorite jeans 🙂

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      1. I bought Angela Wolf’s pattern as she does a jeans class on craftsy that is fantastic, and the other pair I made was Butterick B5862. I like Angela’s bootcut pattern a lot but I did a lot of alterations on the Butterick pattern and those pair are very comfortable as well. I have also heard great thinks about the Ginger Jeans Pattern but haven’t tried that one yet.

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  4. Congratulations on completing your MMM challenge! You really suit bold colours too! Unfortunately I couldn’t take part this year as I have been away (roughing it at two festivals) – Woolly jumpers were in demand!

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    1. Festivals = awesome! Last time I did festival was between kids number 1 and 2! A looooong time ago! Hope you had a great time! And thanks!


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