One Moneta, Two Monetas, Three Monetas, Four!

Hello everyone!

One Moneta
Two Monetas
Three Monetas

I hope you are all having lovely sunny weather like we are up in the north of England! Its sunny! I am super excited to share this 4th Moneta!!! Yes thats right! Fourth Moneta I have made! Its my MonetMonthly Stitch IPM2015 Dresses entry.

Knowing I needed a sleeveless Moneta I picked up this lightweight 4 way stretch jersey a few months back.  It cost me £5/meter so a good bargain. Its been in my stash about 6 months so yay for stash  busting ;-). The lining is a 2 way stretch cotton jersey.

Colette patterns provides a free extras booklet here which includes patterns and instructions for five additional collar variations you can use for the Moneta dress. Collars include: peter pan collar, round collar (I made one here), scalloped collar, bow collar and tie collar. I was going to make the scalloped collar but as I cut the fabric, a sudden impulse to go with the peter pan collar was hard to ignore. Yes I am a sucker for a peter pan collar.

I knew the peter pan collar  would looks great in a solid colour on the floral print bodice!  It would have been white but I had no white jersey fabric in my stash. Never mind – I am very pleased with this outcome:-). Luckily there was some knit fusible interfacing in my stash which I used to stabilise the collar. I did try making the collar without interfacing  (I couldn’t be bothered to go and rummage through the attic boxes to locate the interfacing) but it was sad sad looking floppy thing so I bit the bullet and started the collar all over again.

I sewed the curves of the collar on my serger. Not a good idea! Must use a sewing machine next time because there was some wonkiness there. The collar is a simple rounded style with a slight lap in front. So its quite important to be accurate ~ I wasn’t with the overlocker. I ended up with a 1cm gap between the ends of the collar at the front…so mmm.. yeah I decided an upside down heart shaped button would do the trick of covering up my booboo ;-). It will do…Done is better than perfect Hila! Done is better than perfect.

My previous Monetas and I have had waist elastic issues threatening our otherwise blissful relationship but this time round I nailed it LIKE A BOSS!!!! Got the gathering perfectly evenly distributed without ripping the clear elastic. When I sewed the waist to the bodice its was perfectly encased in the overlocker thread. So ridonkulously proud of that! I guess 4 times was the charm;-)

I found the instructions very easy and clear to understand. Even the armholes were easy to manage. Colette provide a video tutorial as well as a sewalong. The clean finish lined armhole creates a lovely professional finish that I will definitely be carrying it forward into future makes. The hem was finished with a 2.0mm twin needle. It was a struggle. The material is so lightweight I had to pull ever so gently to keep it taut and keep it from getting eaten by the machine. Next time I use such a jersey I will stick to zig zag stitch for the hem.

I really love the contrast peter pan collar of this pattern and the pockets! I also love the back collar with its feminine shape. Love the gathering at the waist…ok you get the picture I love this dress and I love this pattern. It comes highly recommend as a great little wash and wear dress. This simple children’s rhyme sums up my future with Moneta (following from the first part)…..

Five Monetas
Six Monetas
Seven Monetas

Now for oodles and oodles of pictures. Enjoy! I have included one behind the scenes pic – can you tell which one it is?




36 thoughts on “One Moneta, Two Monetas, Three Monetas, Four!

  1. OMG I love everything about this dress! You have a very good chance in the contest! And look at you making more colourful, bright print clothes! LOL at you carrying the kids – in their beautiful handmade dresses!

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  2. That is a lovely dress! I’m impressed that you don’t seem to get flustered by little mistakes that can actually get covered up easily; I’m trying to do the same, but it’s so hard sometimes. And I’m with Lesley – how do you manage this with the kids?! Superwoman!

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    1. Thanks! I used to get flustered and projects stalled while I tried to figure put a way to fix it and make it ‘perfect’. Its taken time but literally my mantra is Done is better than perfect – its been working for me😃.


  3. Just beautiful! This print is so cheerful and summery, and I really like the addition of the peter pan collar. The fabric colors are a perfect match! Hope you enjoy wearing this one and make a bunch more. 🙂

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  4. Too too cute! The Moneta is like a drug… I can’t quit it, either! Oh and great minds think alike – I’m about to post my second and third Monetas and I’m using the same rhyme for my titles, too LOL.

    I love red on you and I absolutely love the picture of you “floating” in the street. Very fun!

    MAKE MORE MONETAS! Hahahaha!

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    1. Thanks! Its a poor imitation of your fab black floral one you posted on IG for MMM15. Wait till you see the one I have planned next – a stripe one! But that will be after this month! Great minds indeed! Cant wait to see your Moneta!

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      1. Oh no, yours is super cute! I need to try the sleeveless with a collar – yours came out adorable. I can’t wait to see what your next striped one will look like!

        Moneta sisters forever, LOL!

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    1. No the belt is a simple elastic belt thats been in the back of my drawer for years! I like the dress without the belt but love it with the belt and I will probably wear it with the belt most of the time. Those are my 18months old twins😃

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  5. A great dress – good luck in TMS competition! No wonder you’re so slim if that’s how you carry your children around! Oh, and I love the photo of you in mid-air too!

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    1. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for your kind words and for nominating me. I never expected to have so much fun blogging – when I started the blog it was to catalog my makes – a kind of making journal to remind myself of how creative I can be when I make the effort. Its wonderful to know that others enjoy my blog just as much as I enjoy creating it 🙂


  6. Hila, this dress is amazing! It has a collar, a cute little button, pockets and a colorful fabric: these are all things that I like… 😉 Plus, it looks fab on you!

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