Hello Sewaholic Hollyburn the 4th! A summer Holyburn!

Hello good people!

I have made another Holyburn skirt! No.4. Since I have made this before in denim, in gold tweed mix and in crepe – there is little more to say about construction! Fabric is a drapey viscose in a light purple colour with some embroidery flowers. I made view B with the short skirt. It’s one of the first of my summer Holyburns. I have a bevy of Holyburns and its growing!

Ok nuff said..on to pictures 😉 Wearing it with my linen Morris blazer for the pictures:-).Visc1 visc2 visc3 visc4 visc5 visc7 visc8


It goes without saying this is my comfort sewing TNT pattern. It takes me about 3.5 hours to make (from cutting to hemming) if it unlined. What’s your comfort sewing TNT pattern?

Thanks for stopping and Happy sewing all!





26 thoughts on “Hello Sewaholic Hollyburn the 4th! A summer Holyburn!

      1. Well that’s probably my most-used pattern yeah! I’m not sure if I’m going to make any more in the near future though as I kind of feel I’m done with them now!!

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    1. No its not a stretch linen. It was a wearable muslin. It fits perfectly fine though😃. SewbusyLizzie also made a linen Morris if you want to check that out. Yay for more summer Holyburns!


    1. I need to check out the Plantain tee – have heard so many good things about it! I think after making one more Holyburn I will be able to make it in my sleep😀


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