Jumping into June 2015: My thoughts.

Did you know that jumpsuit the word originated in the  1940s (originally US): so named because it was first used to denote a parachutist’s garment.

noun: jumpsuit; plural noun: jumpsuits
  1. a garment incorporating trousers and a sleeved top in one piece, worn as a fashion item, protective garment, or uniform.

From ABBA to Elvis Presley jumpsuits have had a dubious reputation. This year after starting Wardrobe Architect and dropping out I realised that my style is still defining itself. There are so many things I had never bought because I carry a lot of conditioning about what’s OK to wear. But through sewing I have become open minded and this is the year for me to try out new styles, silhouettes etc. I am having fun. Especially when sewing as part of a challenge.

Ali kinda goaded me into joining the #JumpingintoJune challenge.  She rightly sensed my interest as an onlooker who kept popping up on all her jumpsuit posts. I loved her By Hand London jumpsuit.

Several other lovely bloggers have joined and here are their jumpsuits so far. You can see a lineup of jumpsuits here.

After researching and reading up on jumpsuits I have come to the conclusion that they are awesome! First of all I love that this is a piece of kit that started out as  simple garment designed to insulate the body from the cold of high altitudes and minimize risk of covering important handles and grips – a practical utility garment. That’s kick ass for me.

They are used all over the place. Drivers and pilots wear jumpsuits. Manual labourers. Sportspersons. They are used as prison uniforms (Orange is the New Black anyone?). And lets not forget how incredibly useful they are with little children – simple to launder, put on and remove compared to an ensemble outfit.

The jumpsuit made its way to high fashion where apparently “it is often attractive to designers because it has an unbroken line running from the neck to the feet and can be flattering on some body shapes“.

I have came to love the idea of a jumpsuit- Simple. Easy. Casual.  So I am sharing some jumpsuit pictures that I liked. So much variety…..Enjoy!

Solange Knowles wore a jumpsuit as one of her wedding outfits! Wow!

I can think of at least  5 reasons why a jumpsuit is awesome. Can you? 

Happy sewing everyone!



PS. I finished my jumpsuit a couple of days ago but have yet to take pictures. So that post will be coming soon!


24 thoughts on “Jumping into June 2015: My thoughts.

  1. Great post! I’ve never even tried one on in the shops! I always thought you would need to be tall and I am not.
    But completely inspired by your collection so next time I’m in town I may try a few…..just for research purposes.

    Liked by 1 person

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