I made a Jumpsuit! Simplicity 1142 for #jumpingintojune

Hello chums!

I did it! I made a jumpsuit! I wore said jumpsuit! I LOVE said jumpsuit!

No seriously I love it! So loved it I was inspired to write this post last week about jumpsuits. Its a trend I’ve never really got on board with but when I saw Ali’s BHL Holly jumpsuit post I joined #jumpingintojune challenge.

I am very low maintenance and a lazy dresser so I like throw on and go items. My choice of jumpsuit was this reasonably priced Simplicty 1142. This tie waist jumpsuit can be dressed up and dressed down depending on the occasion. It’s a simple outfit that I can chuck on and never feel underdressed. I do feel like fabulous when I am wearing this. Will I be making more jumpsuits!  Hellz YEAH!!!

The fabric is a polyester lightweight with good drape suited to this blousey jumpsuit. The fabric was quite slippery to work with but I managed. The print is busy and I can get away with imperfect seam matching. I picked up this fabric at an Essex car boot sale a couple of months ago : £3 for 4meters  :-).Tintins Birthday 255

I love that its got pockets. Nice deep pockets.There is an elastic casing on the waist. I also added elastic to the leg cuffs for a more sporty feel.

The ties on the neck are adjustable so they be as high or low as I want. Its easy to slip it on and off.Tintins Birthday 205Tintins Birthday 208Tintins Birthday 217Tintins Birthday 236Tintins Birthday 218Tintins Birthday 256Tintins Birthday 257

And for the jump shots….Tintins Birthday 247 Tintins Birthday 254Tintins Birthday 229

And trying to do a “Put a ring on it” move….badly….
Tintins Birthday 210

I am a jumpsuit convert…so much so I bought the Holly Jumpsuit when it was on sale for 50% off! I will probably be jumping into July as well.

Have you been converted to entertaining the idea of a jumpsuit yet?

Happy sewing everyone!




58 thoughts on “I made a Jumpsuit! Simplicity 1142 for #jumpingintojune

  1. Hila, this is totally fabulous!!! What a great fabric choice for a jumpsuit, and I love the neckline on this pattern. I always really enjoy your fun photoshoots too. Go forth and wear this jumpsuit with confidence! You nailed it!

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  2. Wahhay!! I love it! You’re the crazy queen of jumpsuits! Was worth waiting for! All that practice with them long stridey leaps have paid off! Don’t forget to add it to the linky party on Chris’s blog 😃

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  3. If I hadn’t made my share of jumsuits yet, yours certainly would have convinced me! It looks great and I love the way those straps are constructed for easy on-and-off-action. Very clever. omg, I’m tempted again… And I promised I wouldn’t make another one…

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  4. Wow you sure do suit a jumpsuit!! It’s fantastic! Fab pics too!! And what a bargain. I thought you were going to jump into the paddling pool for a second, haha. Even though it has no water in (by the look of the pics!)

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  5. This is so cute on you!!!! I love it!!! I realllllly wanted to make a jumpsuit for June but I haven’t found the time yet… maybe I can squeeze it in, but if not, I’ll have to live vicariously through yours!

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    1. Thanks! I am glad i joined the challenge. I had never ever tried on a jumpsuit but I love this and have worn it 3 times already😃. Its in heavy rotation.


  6. Hila, I just gotta luv u! You rock. Your photos always make me smile. I’m so happy you were jumping for joy after completing this project. I don’t think you have to worry about matching the print exactly–that would be quiet dizzying. From what I see it looks fine.

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  7. Great fabric bargain, and perfect for the outfit and on you. I love a jump suit for the same reasons. It really pulls you together much better than baggy pants on their own. I am going to experiment with trying to make one based on Thai Fisherman’s trousers. Not sure they do much jumping.

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  8. This is absolutely perfect! I don’t know that I could pull off a jumpsuit, but I really love this one. It fits you so well and the fabric is great. I love your photos, as always. Especially the jumps!

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