New Look 6145: The Muslin from May…..

He-lo everyone!

Its Fri – YAY!!!!

Weekend upon us and end of July! Eeek where does the time go? I am back with a super quick post of a dress I made in May. It was the muslin for the New Look 6145 dress I modified with a bib front here.

The dress has become a wearable muslin. Despite its swayback issues and dimpled darts I have been wearing it.22 May plus competition photoshhot for Mummy 39222 May plus competition photoshhot for Mummy 424 Continue reading


The Shell top Butterick B5948

Hello everyone!

Happy Thursday! As I write this post its raining and has been raining for the last three days…..Dude where’s summer? ANyhow, tough trying to keep little people entertained. I consider myself an energy management specialist. You see my theory is: if I tire them out they will be less fussy when eating (plus they will be super hungry after burning off a lot of calories) and more importantly they will easily drop off to sleep :-). Easy enough to achieve when one can go outside – indoors its more challenging. C’est la vie.

Thank you so much for all your comments on my last post about my sewing queue. I am a bit of an efficiency freak – each new semester my undergrads get this intro “Good morning everyone! I am Hila and I am an operations management junkie and over the next 12 weeks I hope you will become ops junkies too!”. Yes I am a geek 🙂

Now moving on to the good stuff. I made this Butterick B5948 top almost 2 months ago. Its a loose-fitting, pullover top. I bought the pattern during my early sewing days (last year) where I just bought anything that was on sale (fess up, we all went through that stage right?). It came back to my attention after I decided that I needed a simple well fitting shell top that used less than 1m of fabric. The idea was I could buy 1m of expensive fabric (e.g. Liberty, Nani Iro) and be able to make a wearable top that could be thrown over jeans or a skirt. Continue reading

How I manage my sewing queue

Hello everyone!

Happy Thursday! This post has been prompted by a comment on my recent Indie Pattern Month Round up post. As it happens Lori B who blogs over at Frivolous at Last asked a very interesting question which I started to answer but it quickly became too long so I thought I would write a post about it.

Lori asked:

Congratulations, Hila, and well deserved!
You mentioned your sewing queue — I’m curious, how do you keep track of your queue? Written list? Pins on pinterest? A stack of patterns on your sewing table? I have trouble with this…I keep getting distracted by shiny (read: new) patterns and forgetting about all the plans I had. I love the queue feature in Ravelry for knitting but I wish there was something similar out there for sewing. What’s your advice?

So how do I keep track of my sewing queue? Continue reading

Indie Pattern Month 2015 Musings

Hi all!

Indie Pattern Month 2015 has been and gone and my word I enjoyed every day of June for it! Everyday my blog feed with filled with wonderful treats and delights of unknown patterns and new takes on known patterns. Just like with Me Made May my sewing queue just grew and grew. I challenged myself to make something for each of the 4 weeks of June.

I am proud to say I achieved that goal. I was motivated by the fact that there were 7 prizes up for grabs each  week so it felt like I had a decent shot at winning something. A free pattern is something I will ALWAYS try to go for – its a win win situation really:

1. I get to use the fabric stash

2. There is a chance  of a free pattern

3. I make something new to wear 😉IPM

Anyhow I am happy to say I did make the finals 3 times and I won 2 times so yay! Continue reading

Another self drafted skirt….

Hi everyone!

I made this skirt a while back but haven’t got round to blogging it. Its exactly the same as my last self drafted skirt except for I lengthened by 4 inches. I cut a straight line along the low hip, added 4″ and trued up the side seams. I quite like the length and the slim A line look of the skirt.

The lining is a medium weight polyester with a tight weave. I picked it up for 50p/m at a car boot sale in Essex. The colour complimented the cotton of the skirt.floral 1 floral2 floral3The fabric is a 100% cotton that I picked up for £2.95/m so its a bargain really. It sews and irons nicely. Not quite like my favourites linen and lawn but its well behaved. I quite liked the flowers on it but on a black background. A bit shabby chic but not quite…..May Day Essex Trip 436May Day Essex Trip 437 floral4 Floral5

I have worn the skirt several times since making it and the colour has faded somewhat. A bit disappointing but the skirt still looks  nice on. Still some refining needed on the lining construction. I probably need to get a book or something….. Anyway here is my IG from last week wearing this skirt. Come hang out on IG where I post my me made stuff and yoga challenges 🙂

Happy weekend!



Check it out! Another Vogue V1440 chinese collar variation

Happy Wednesday all!

Greetings and salutations! I have been quiet – busy beavering away. Frantically  trying to set up our new home before the little people break off for summer.  Between the end of year plays, scout camps, music exams and all the craziness that comes with summer sewing time has been rare as hen’s teeth. I have managed to squeeze in a late night here and there out of a sheer need for a fix….yes I get angsty and irate and impatient when I haven’t done anything sewing related for more that a few days. Is that withdrawal? Does that mean I am an addict in a sense?

So anyway here goes…predictably I made V1440, a TNT which I knew would be quick to make up. I had this in mind for The Monthly Stitch Check it Out challenge! This is my 4th V1440 top. Made in linen here and in purple quilting cotton here and cotton poplin here.

By the time you make a pattern the fourth time round (fifth including muslin) you pretty much go on auto pilot. The challenge with this make was pattern matching the plaid. I managed at the front ok but the back – argh! The fabric is quite a fine cotton lawn that does not like being unpicked. I matched the pattern at the seam line instead of the stitching line. Lessons were learnt.

I love the fabric its so light weight and cool to wear. Despite the pattern matching issue I quite like this top. Pictures taken on my phone- our DSLR had some hiccups that weren’t going away so its gone to camera hospital. wpid-wp-1436888440836.jpeg wpid-wp-1436888434369.jpeg wpid-wp-1436888426775.jpeg wpid-wp-1436888419571.jpeg wpid-wp-1436888412008.jpeg wpid-wp-1436888403389.jpeg


In other news because of the house move – for the first time ever ALL my fabric stash came out of its hidey holes into the light of day. And oh boy – I have a lot! Here it is in all its glory. I even tried to sort through it but after 3 hours I gave up. I did find a lot of lovely fabric I had forgotten I had 🙂wpid-20150623_210118.jpg

Thanks for stopping by and Happy sewing all!



Mustard ditsy Vogue V1440 chinese collar variation

Happy Friday!

I have committed a repeat pattern offence! This is my 3rd V1440 top. Made in linen here and in purple quilting cotton here. This is made in a cotton poplin that has a lovely drape. Its such a joy to iron and sew with this fabric. Responds beautifully to the heat and steam.

Finished with french seams, the inside are so incredibly neat. The variation with this one was just not adding the upper collar. I love it 😄So comfortable. For buttons I used mother of pearl buttons. .So dainty. Its become a fast make as this took me a couple of days to sew up. I didnt have to worry about pattern matching since its quite a busy print.

Verdict……… well on its way to being a TNT since I plan on making another one in a check pattern.


Mama Photoshoot 20Apr 049 Mama Photoshoot 20Apr 048 Mama Photoshoot 20Apr 047 Mama Photoshoot 20Apr 046 Mama Photoshoot 20Apr 045 Mama Photoshoot 20Apr 042 Mama Photoshoot 20Apr 040 Mama Photoshoot 20Apr 039 Mama Photoshoot 20Apr 037 Mama Photoshoot 20Apr 036 Mama Photoshoot 20Apr 032 Mama Photoshoot 20Apr 028 Mama Photoshoot 20Apr 026 Mama Photoshoot 20Apr 023

Happy sewing everyone and thanks for stopping by! I have moved house last week so no PC set up yet. Posts will be less but on the plus side I now have a proper sewing room. Squee!! Not set up yet. How should I celebrate? More fabric or patterns? Los.



Update on purple top which had the stiff collar. Its been washed twice now and it looks like the collar is getting softer so yeahy!