Mustard ditsy Vogue V1440 chinese collar variation

Happy Friday!

I have committed a repeat pattern offence! This is my 3rd V1440 top. Made in linen here and in purple quilting cotton here. This is made in a cotton poplin that has a lovely drape. Its such a joy to iron and sew with this fabric. Responds beautifully to the heat and steam.

Finished with french seams, the inside are so incredibly neat. The variation with this one was just not adding the upper collar. I love it ๐Ÿ˜„So comfortable. For buttons I used mother of pearl buttons. .So dainty. Its become a fast make as this took me a couple of days to sew up. I didnt have to worry about pattern matching since its quite a busy print.

Verdict……… well on its way to being a TNT since I plan on making another one in a check pattern.


Mama Photoshoot 20Apr 049 Mama Photoshoot 20Apr 048 Mama Photoshoot 20Apr 047 Mama Photoshoot 20Apr 046 Mama Photoshoot 20Apr 045 Mama Photoshoot 20Apr 042 Mama Photoshoot 20Apr 040 Mama Photoshoot 20Apr 039 Mama Photoshoot 20Apr 037 Mama Photoshoot 20Apr 036 Mama Photoshoot 20Apr 032 Mama Photoshoot 20Apr 028 Mama Photoshoot 20Apr 026 Mama Photoshoot 20Apr 023

Happy sewing everyone and thanks for stopping by! I have moved house last week so no PC set up yet. Posts will be less but on the plus side I now have a proper sewing room. Squee!! Not set up yet. How should I celebrate? More fabric or patterns? Los.



Update on purple top which had the stiff collar. Its been washed twice now and it looks like the collar is getting softer so yeahy!


40 thoughts on “Mustard ditsy Vogue V1440 chinese collar variation

    1. Lols the posts were scheduled and I finished all the makes about one week before each challenge was ude so I had a week after finishing the challenges to pack. Moving 7 people out of our home of 4 years was like packing the Tardis. The amount of stuff! I did find some fabric bags I had completely forgotten about๐Ÿ˜‚!

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  1. Looks fab on you – nothing wrong with a TNT! Am a bit jealous of your sewing room… Would love one myself but am stuck with the kitchen for the time being. You should give us a virtual tour when it’s all set up!

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  2. Ooh I like the fancy back/shoulders bit! I can understand how its on its way to becoming a TNT pattern!
    And ahhhh a sewing room!!! Definitely more fabric and patterns are needed!!

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  3. Gorgeous in every way – the fabric, the fit and cut, the photos – and as for repeat offending – if it ain’t broke …. that’s the beauty of finding a pattern that becomes you, which this definitely does.

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  4. Very nice- I made one of these for my wife, and I’m in the middle of one for me. It’s a gorgeous pattern- and I love the collar adaptation. I’ll be putting a bra-keeper into that back V shape to maintain decency!


  5. I love all of your versions of this shirt. They look great on you. Love the back on this pattern. I’m looking to sew my own of this pattern soon. Your reviews have been helpful, as I now think I may alter the collar to be slightly less wide ( as per your observation). Thank you!


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