Check it out! Another Vogue V1440 chinese collar variation

Happy Wednesday all!

Greetings and salutations! I have been quiet – busy beavering away. Frantically  trying to set up our new home before the little people break off for summer.  Between the end of year plays, scout camps, music exams and all the craziness that comes with summer sewing time has been rare as hen’s teeth. I have managed to squeeze in a late night here and there out of a sheer need for a fix….yes I get angsty and irate and impatient when I haven’t done anything sewing related for more that a few days. Is that withdrawal? Does that mean I am an addict in a sense?

So anyway here goes…predictably I made V1440, a TNT which I knew would be quick to make up. I had this in mind for The Monthly Stitch Check it Out challenge! This is my 4th V1440 top. Made in linen here and in purple quilting cotton here and cotton poplin here.

By the time you make a pattern the fourth time round (fifth including muslin) you pretty much go on auto pilot. The challenge with this make was pattern matching the plaid. I managed at the front ok but the back – argh! The fabric is quite a fine cotton lawn that does not like being unpicked. I matched the pattern at the seam line instead of the stitching line. Lessons were learnt.

I love the fabric its so light weight and cool to wear. Despite the pattern matching issue I quite like this top. Pictures taken on my phone- our DSLR had some hiccups that weren’t going away so its gone to camera hospital. wpid-wp-1436888440836.jpeg wpid-wp-1436888434369.jpeg wpid-wp-1436888426775.jpeg wpid-wp-1436888419571.jpeg wpid-wp-1436888412008.jpeg wpid-wp-1436888403389.jpeg


In other news because of the house move – for the first time ever ALL my fabric stash came out of its hidey holes into the light of day. And oh boy – I have a lot! Here it is in all its glory. I even tried to sort through it but after 3 hours I gave up. I did find a lot of lovely fabric I had forgotten I had 🙂wpid-20150623_210118.jpg

Thanks for stopping by and Happy sewing all!




42 thoughts on “Check it out! Another Vogue V1440 chinese collar variation

    1. Yes we are now. Tripping over boxes and black bags😂. I am still bumping into walls and corners as I am not yet used to the contours of the new house. Getting there slowly though.


  1. Love your new blouse. I’ve been guilty of finding fabric that I put away and forgot that I had, opps. Once settled in your new home, you will have time to sew up your new finds!! Enjoy!

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  2. Love this one too! Hope your move is going well – when we moved last year I suddenly found all these bags of fabric that I’d ‘accidentally’ purchased, I was so surprised! It’s always nice to find things you’ve forgotten too!

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    1. Move has been done now. Not sure I would call it smooth but at least that part is over😃. I love love this pattern and will probably be making a couple more…


    1. Yes more and more sewing plans to my over long sewing queue already! Am not sure how sewing will work out over the holidays. I am quite determined to make a lot of things though 😀.


  3. You’ve really nailed this top, it’s perfect on you! I am the same with lack of sewing time too at the moment, we’ve got loads of end of school things and then straight to Scout camp for a week. This should give me a bit of time but we’ve got to transform his room into a teenager cave while he’s away. I really don’t envy your house move, I don’t know how you manage to fit it all in!

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    1. Thanks! I love Scoit camps as they give that little bit of space (absence makes the heart grow fonder😃). Remodeling a room is always fun though.


  4. Another lovely top, well done. And excellent matching of the check! I can confirm how tricky that is because I’m attempting to make a checked shirt for my husband for the same challenge and it’s proving to be a nightmare!

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    1. Wow! Go you makining a check shirt! I am still scared of check. Only used it for this because its sleeveless and collarless so I didnt have to do sleeves as well. Cant wait to see the shirt and pass along a few tips on how you manage to match plaids👍😃


      1. Well I’m still at the cutting out stage, although that’s where it could go horribly wrong! I’m trying to do it secretly because it’s for my husband’s birthday and he’s on school holidays so it’s proving tricky finding the time when he’s not around. I should have started ages ago!

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  5. Beautiful fabric! I love making things several times over and just adding little variations – my go-to project is circle skirts at the moment – can’t get enough of them!
    We’re doing a house move soon – just getting all the paperwork sorted currently – I dread to think what my fabric and yarn stash is going to look like!! Hope the rest of your move goes well!

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  6. I always find things get a whole lot messier before they get tidier when you have a good sort out. Worth it if you’ve rediscovered some lovely fabric though… Great top, will make a lovely, Summery make 🙂

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    1. Thanks Theresa! I am looking forward to the holidays because at least then I have more time with all the other kids activities that take up time and energy😃. Hope you have a great summerd

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  7. Love your blouse ~ it suits you sew well! (Sorry, couldn’t resist 😊)
    Phew! Thought I had lots of fabric, but don’t feel so bad now. Thank you !
    Good luck sorting everything, and hope you’re feeling settled soon. xx

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  8. Your top looks great and well done on the pattern matching! The print is so lovely and fresh looking and I really like your shoes too! 🙂

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