Indie Pattern Month 2015 Musings

Hi all!

Indie Pattern Month 2015 has been and gone and my word I enjoyed every day of June for it! Everyday my blog feed with filled with wonderful treats and delights of unknown patterns and new takes on known patterns. Just like with Me Made May my sewing queue just grew and grew. I challenged myself to make something for each of the 4 weeks of June.

I am proud to say I achieved that goal. I was motivated by the fact that there were 7 prizes up for grabs each  week so it felt like I had a decent shot at winning something. A free pattern is something I will ALWAYS try to go for – its a win win situation really:

1. I get to use the fabric stash

2. There is a chance  of a free pattern

3. I make something new to wear 😉IPM

Anyhow I am happy to say I did make the finals 3 times and I won 2 times so yay!

Huge thanks to all who voted for my makes.

Week one I made Sleevelees Moneta

Week 2 I made a Holyburn in Bark cloth and Julia cardigan

Week 3 I made a Lekela shift dress

Week 4 I made 2 Giselle dresses

The tingle of joy at seeing a notification that I was a finalist was the best part 😉 The winning weeks were week 3 &s 4.

So all in all I made 6 garments that I like and get a lot of wear out of. I also got round my pattern buying moratorium by winning 5 patterns! I hope you all also enjoyed IPM as much as I did and here’s to IPM 2016!

Thanks for stopping by and happy sewing chums!





26 thoughts on “Indie Pattern Month 2015 Musings

  1. I saw all your IPM makes for TMS. They were excellent! I really enjoyed reading everyone’s posts although they were coming thick and fast and I couldn’t keep up with them! I have finally got my backside into gear and joined The Monthly Stitch although I was too late to enter any of the competitions.

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  2. Congratulations, Hila, and well deserved!
    You mentioned your sewing queue — I’m curious, how do you keep track of your queue? Written list? Pins on pinterest? A stack of patterns on your sewing table? I have trouble with this…I keep getting distracted by shiny (read: new) patterns and forgetting about all the plans I had. I love the queue feature in Ravelry for knitting but I wish there was something similar out there for sewing. What’s your advice?


  3. Yes you were on an absolute roll! A deserved winner too. I know what you mean about being chuffed – when I got the email I was like a small child at her own birthday party. I really enjoyed seeing what every one was making and I think the whole initiative really encouraged people to stretch themselves. The only downside is that my To Do list is growing longer and longer. I am genuinely baffled as to how you organise your time to do everything and to such a high standard!


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