The Shell top Butterick B5948

Hello everyone!

Happy Thursday! As I write this post its raining and has been raining for the last three days…..Dude where’s summer? ANyhow, tough trying to keep little people entertained. I consider myself an energy management specialist. You see my theory is: if I tire them out they will be less fussy when eating (plus they will be super hungry after burning off a lot of calories) and more importantly they will easily drop off to sleep :-). Easy enough to achieve when one can go outside – indoors its more challenging. C’est la vie.

Thank you so much for all your comments on my last post about my sewing queue. I am a bit of an efficiency freak – each new semester my undergrads get this intro “Good morning everyone! I am Hila and I am an operations management junkie and over the next 12 weeks I hope you will become ops junkies too!”. Yes I am a geek 🙂

Now moving on to the good stuff. I made this Butterick B5948 top almost 2 months ago. Its a loose-fitting, pullover top. I bought the pattern during my early sewing days (last year) where I just bought anything that was on sale (fess up, we all went through that stage right?). It came back to my attention after I decided that I needed a simple well fitting shell top that used less than 1m of fabric. The idea was I could buy 1m of expensive fabric (e.g. Liberty, Nani Iro) and be able to make a wearable top that could be thrown over jeans or a skirt.

I traced out View A, the sleeveless version and cut into some lilac linen. Adjustments required were as follows:

  1. 1.5″ sway back adjustment (not surprised).
  2. adjust shoulder angle taking in 1/4″ at neck end and blending to shoulder.
  3. took in 1/4″ at armhole to reduce gaping.
You can see why it needs a swayback adjustment…all that puddling fabric..

wpid-quickmemo-_2015-07-30-20-29-272.jpg.jpeg wpid-quickmemo-_2015-07-30-20-29-552.jpg.jpeg wpid-quickmemo-_2015-07-30-20-30-162.jpg.jpeg


For the hem I played around with the decorative stitching – my 5 yr old is always trying to get me to try out the many different stitches and for once I said “yes” and I am pleased with the result.wpid-20150609_081446.jpg

Its the same top I was wearing here tucked into a skirt.

Bias binding for armholes and neck. Maybe next time draft facings?

Making another one soon in this (rather pricey 1m length of fabric :-):

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😃😃Happy happy mail day!❤❤❤ #fabriclove #mystash

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Verdict: Its a good woven tee pattern that has a lot of options with it. I love patterns that have a lot of options. Its also very fast to make up. It took 75 cm of fabric so it has met my requirement. I love when that happens!

Thanks for stopping by and happy sewing everyone!




26 thoughts on “The Shell top Butterick B5948

  1. So nodding in agreement on the ‘wear them out so they sleep well’ comment! I dread rain in the holidays, always turns out so expensive too… Another great top, with all your usual attention to details. Since reading your last post I’ve promised myself I’ll get a little more organised…

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