The Made Up Initiative – M6696 Muslin and Jodphurs…..

Hello all!

Its a fine Friday morning today and I hope its also a fine day where you are. Continuing on from my last post about my Made Up pledge. I decided to do a muslin post.

As per  M6696 sizing chart I cut size 8 and unusually for me this shirt dress fit right out of the packet with no alteration whatsoever. The sleeves are a bit tight near the elbow but other than that  Yay! I don’t know what the fabric used for the muslin is – its something I picked up for 90p/m from a woman who had shut down a fabric store.

front collage
Why the pious look?…

When I looked in the mirror for the first time my thought was “I look like a mole woman!” . Yes. I am rocking the mole women look from Unbrakeable Kimmy Schmidt (if you have never seen this brilliant Tina Fey produced Netflix show look it up).

Do you see how I could easily fit between the pink and grey?

Most reviews on this pattern did not like the back gathers. side and backThe blousey back detail is actually quite nice. I like it. Considered taking it out but I wanted to see what the designer intended for the dress. Something Kate (Fabrickated) said on her post about the integrity of the pattern resonated with me so I think in future I will try to see what the designer intended it to look like before removing any key design features. Does that make sense? I hope I can stick to it.

Construction wise this dress had soooo many steps! Its cute but gawd! I have very nearly finished my actual dress. Photo shoot this weekend and hopefully blogged before deadline :-).

In other news I have bought a new garment for the first time in over 5 years! Whilst looking for thermal underwear at Aldi I came across these and they looked so comfy bought then at £12.99. Which I thought was a reasonable price.

Mr SNS doesn’t think they should be worn outside the house. “It all out there isn’t it?” were his exact words this morning when he was taking pics. Looking at the pictures I think I get what he meant. The camel colour of the jodhpurs is close to my actual skin tone it creates an almost nude effect..what do you think? To wear or not to wear? They are incredibly comfortable though I have never been horse riding – nor will I. Ever. But I can rock the look with my Sewaholic Granville :-P.jodphurs jods back

For more details of the awesome Made Up Initiative hosted by Karen of Did you Make  click to  Karen’s post here for full details. Go on and make a pledge too!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy sewing everyone!





43 thoughts on “The Made Up Initiative – M6696 Muslin and Jodphurs…..

  1. I laughed out loud when I read your comment about the Mole Women!!! It does look like that when you stand in such a “pious” way. That was a funny show… I’m glad you are testing out this pattern. I think Jenny of Casmerette did this one, too. You guys are tempting me to try it. 🙂 I don’t think the jodhpurs make you look like you aren’t wearing anything. They do have a legging-like fit. Maybe that’s what your husband meant???

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  2. Mole woman was my first thought! Ha! It’ll look great in different fabric though. I also try to keep the integrity of the design when making alterations. I always cringe a little when someone takes an intentionally loose fitting pattern and whittles it down to a close fitting garment. I’d still be tempted to reign in the gathers on the back of this dress without removing them entirely. Such a nice pattern, I really need to make it sometime!

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  3. I have the same impression when I wear beige pants, but once you match it with colours, the nude impression is less obvious. These riding pants are awesome. I would match them with Deer & Doe’s Bruyère shirt and high boots for a total equestrian look!

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  4. A bit of a contradiction between the two garments! Those jodhpurs look HOT! I would so wear them if I thought I could get away with it!

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  5. They look great! If you’re a little wary of the degree to which everything’s showing, you could try a few attempts with a high-low hem or half-tucked shirt. I love the half tuck for times where I feel like I don’t need to remind everyone that I’ve got a bubble butt…


  6. If you’ve got it, flaunt it I say! They look fab on you and if they’re comfy too, then go for it 🙂 Loving the contrast between these two looks too. And seriously impressed you made a muslin with so many steps involved. Sure it will result in a great fit!


  7. Looking forward to seeing your finished dress. I’m currently working on this and I chose to remove the back gathers completely, the fabric I’m using is quite crisp. Well done for making a full muslin. I just did the bodice including the waist band,

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  8. I love that dress and the back gathers work on you! Great muslin – Loved the reference the the mole woman. Had to go look at the video again for grins….Can’t wait to see your finished dress.

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  9. Ha, your post made me chuckle!! Well done on the muslin, it looks like you have nailed the fit on this one. Those jodhpurs look fabulous on you so go on, let the world see them! 😉

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  10. Mole women rule! I actually think this look is retrograde in an interesting way. I made a black linen dress that makes me look Amish. I wear it with a copper metallic belt, copper jewelry and some kitten heels and it looks badass.

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  11. Your muslin looks good enough to wear- awesome color too! I actually like the gathers in the back. I will have to read up some more on this dress. I have the pattern but have not made it .. yet! I have a ton of patterns that will probably never get made but that is another story. I think 6696 would look great with a matching belt too. The jodhpurs actually look pretty good too. I like to 2 tone and think they look SO comfy!

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    1. Like you I have enough patterns in my stash to last 2 lifetimes and even more on my wish list😂. Its a great dress and I am sure I will be making more of it in autumn weight fabrics. And you should make it you would rock it!


  12. What a great post. I love the turquoise dress, especially the colour. It’s really a pretty shape and shows off your curves nicely, and I would definitely wear it out. Can you open the neck a bit? I think that is what is making it look a bit too “modest”. I have never heard of the Mole women, but I will have to look it up – Tina Fey is brilliant. As for the leggings – actually you look great because you have such a great figure. But the colour does look a bit like skin – I sometimes wear mustardy tights and they look like skin too. You do have the option of dying them dark green or something, but maybe wear them a bit first and see how you go. The idea of getting clothes from Aldi is a new one for me too, although I did get a cagoule from a French Lidl once, when it was raining.


    1. Thanks Kate. I do like the idea of dyeing them green – am thinking a hunter green. The neck can be opened up definitely – I will give that a go and find some really nice buttons.

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  13. I plan on making this dress at some point and I’m not sure about the gathers either, but I think it depends a lot on the fabric used, how crisp or flowy it is.
    I started watching the unbreakable… but wasn’t convinced after 20 minutes. I’ll give it another try.

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    1. Agree on the fabric there. My other dress in cotton lawn they are not so poofy. I was like that with Kimmy Schmidt as well – took me third time to get going and then I binge watched because I was so hooked😃


  14. Mole women are new to me, but that dress looks good. Maybe if the back gathering was spread over a slightly wider area it would lie better?
    I spent too many hours in jodhpurs when horse riding to ever want to wear them again – particularly when you look so much better than I ever did!

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    1. Thank you! With this fabric the back gathers really poof out. I used a cotton lawn for my actual dress and they are much less poofy. I have come to the conclusion that they can look good or bad depending on the fabric used😃

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  15. Well don’t I feel silly. In my memory, jodhpurs were boots…low-top riding boots. Couldn’t figure out what your hubby was worried about! But, now I see…..haha. Your sewing skills are amazing, even your muslin is presentable, and a perfect fit. Can’t wait to see the finished garment.

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