Butterick B5948 Take 2: Birdy fabric

Good day, sunshine! At long last, summer is here for real and I’ve got loads of pictures of my bird fabric Butterick B5948 top.

Preamble: made before here in lilac linen.

This fabric is a gorgeous medium weight quilting cotton with a good drape and handle. Its Alexander Henry’s La Paloma in Multi from their Folklorico collection. At only 110cm (44 inch) wide its quite expensive for my pocket. How ever I really wanted it after I first saw this fabric on  Instagram. I only bought 1 meter :-).moving

The colours are beautiful jewel tones that so far haven’t faded after 2 washes.front

Mr. SNS loves this fabric. I have been trying to get him to choose a fabric for a shirt but so far he has vetoed everything I have placed in front of him.  This he was like: I wouldn’t mind a shirt in this fabric. And when he was taking pictures he was swooning over the birds. Lols. Nice that it meets his approval!Backfront 1

Construction deets: Mock french seams all around. Took longer to make up because of this. Otherwise this can be a one sitting make (a couple of hours at most).

I used red bias binding to finish armholes and neck. This is fast becoming a favourite technique for me.insides

There is some wonkiness – I cut out while watching TV and somehow  this happened. boboDidn’t even realise till sewing up. Because I cut it single layer I had to flip the pattern piece so when i flipped the back I must have shifted it… grrrrr. So it had to be patched with a scrap. But I like to think  it kinda looks design element-y don’t you think? If anybody notices I will <haughtily> say “Its my signature dahlin.”bloopers
There is still a bit of swayback but I really really like this top. Its perfect for summer sunny days like we have had this weekend. I have been wearing it with jeans and my Mabel mini skirt. I feel fabulous in it – the power of a simple top plus gorgeous print = Happy Hila! I shan’t be making another one till next year though – getting loads of wear out of this one :-). The swayback  will have to wait until then.Collagesideultimate collageHot Day August photos 395

In other news the camera is back from the fixing place so I can finally get completed project pictures. Yay! This means there will be a lot of posts over the coming week as I frantically try to blog all my summer makes before the seasons start to shift gear 🙂 Happy Days!

As always thanks for stopping my little corner of the interwebs and happy sewing everyone!




39 thoughts on “Butterick B5948 Take 2: Birdy fabric

      1. Have a look at the free dress pattern – number 8000 from lekala. You’d definitely make it from a metre – the neckline’s a but high but otherwise its a great little dress. 😃

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  1. It’s a gorgeous summer top, I just love the colors! I had some AH fabric in rich colors and it didn’t fade even after tons of washings, I hope yours will last too.
    I think with mock french seams you wouldn’t see the right side of the fabric on the inside, your seams look turned under and stitched? I just used this finish on a dress I made recently, I was too lazy to change the thread on the overlocker.


    1. Yes you are right aboit the seams. I went back to read what mock french seams are and i got myself mixed up. Thanks for the heads up😃. If this top holds up well then I will have good justification for paying more on quality fabric. I hate it when fabric looses is colour after a wash!


  2. Great outfit! I am tardy to the party because I just found this pattern looking for something super quick and easy to sew.
    FWiW: My cheat for the swayback on tops like this is to make the back a little wider at the tush area so it skims right on past.

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