Sewing Bee update plus living without a phone.

Hello chums!

I got through to Round 3 of the Pattern Review Sewing bee!!!! BUT they have asked for a lined jacket…mmm wonder what will be the final then? Anyway I am super stoked that I got further than my goal of reaching Round 2. :-).

Learning from my last ditheration I spent Saturday looking at what jacket patterns I had and deciding on which one to make. Super organisation is the key here since I have only ever made a men’s coat before here which had no fitting issues and that took me about a month to make. I have 8 days left to make mine.

So I don’t yet have any pictures to show of the jacket I am working on. This is because I have had to live without a phone for over a week now. My phone’s software just went crazy and basically its broken beyond redemption. No I didn’t have insurance on it – we have paid insurance for so many years without claiming that when I got this phone I declined insurance. Lesson learnt.

Its been interesting living without a phone though and I thought I’d share my thoughts on it so far. The distance from a cell phone has allowed me to observe its role in my life with more clarity .

Look up Hila! If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then we’ve boarded up those windows and the soul inside is wilting from lack of light. Walk down a busy street and you’ll notice that in the crowd, not a single set of eyes meets yours. I didn’t notice this because I, too, was always staring on a screen. My eyes felt naked and exposed without a screen to gaze upon. Plus I had forgotten how every set of eyes is unique.

Funny thought – within a few decades, we might see a new medical condition where people can no longer prop their heads upright because spines will have ossified in such a way that necks arch permanently downward from gazing at screens.

I had missed contemplative moments in the garden, long walks with nothing to think about or even a bit of peace and quiet while in the toilet. For centuries, that daily movement enjoyed on the porcelain throne was akin to a holy ceremony, for it was the one time of day one could be by oneself and be sure no one would interrupt. But no more: now for the first time ever, your friends can be there with you along with an endless supply  rapid fire updates on the lives of celebrities, viral videos of people you’ll never meet and so on.

Not having a cell phone was a nuisance for my family too. Mr SNS cant just call me now. Lol.

I am glad this has happened to me. Because I have learnt I don’t really have to be connected 24/7 to everything. I also discovered my rate of reading books reduced significantly since I went on Instagram.

I have already read and finished 2 books since the phone died.

Family meals have been more varied since I have to look up recipes in my cook books and magazines. Browsing leads to “ooh that looks lovely moments”

Rediscovered the joy of my sewing books – I cant just google exactly what I need. I am inspired and excited about some techniques I have been seeing while browsing through the books.

More sing a longs in the house since I cant just connect wirelessly to the bluetooth speaker. Who knew my 3 yr old knew all the words to ‘Solid as a rock’ by Ashford and Simpson!

Mr Bloom, Sid and Andy on CBEEBIES is quite a hotties! I tend to use my screen when I am in the lounge with the kids but no more.

A lot of things were surprisingly easy to accomplish without needing to check online ‘how its done’.

I did get lost a lot though without GPS. I have bought an atlas to keep in the car now.

I don’t know when I will make my reentry but I hope when I do that I will be more mindful of how I use my phone. I forget sometimes that the world used to function perfectly fine without smartphones. Have you ever had to do without a phone too? How do you stay stay mindful? 

As always thank you for stopping. Because I love pictures here are some of my last make in progress.

Happy Sewing!


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31 thoughts on “Sewing Bee update plus living without a phone.

  1. Congratulations! I had no doubt you would get through to the next round with that amazing embroidered blouse. Good luck with the jacket. I was v. interested to read about your phone-free time as I’ve just been away for a week and am halfway through writing a post which will mention my concern that I was SO stressed when internet access was variable/non-existent! I hadn’t realised just how dependent I am on my phone!

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    1. Thanks Janey! I loved reading your post about all the lovely old houses you visited. Thinking about WifI is mental clutter one does not need while visiting historical places lol. My hubs and I used to visit a lot of National Trust Homes but once the little ones came along the stress of keeping them from breaking things was too much 😉


  2. Good luck in round 3!
    I love playing golf as its 4 hours without my phone! And they’ve to be on silent in the club house too so no one can find me! You might got list in a fabric shop, that would be terrible!!
    On a different note, do you fancy going to the sew brum meet up on sat 31st October. Halloween…👻!

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    1. Lol I would have to make sure I print out a map to the shop before going :-). Thanks for the invite I will check what we are up to that weekend…i think it might be half term? Wll let you know soon.

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  3. This is a beautiful post. I really appreciate hearing your story about reconnecting with the world while you are phone-less. I’m glad you’re finding more time for things you enjoy, such as reading! I am trying to convince my boyfriend to do a phones-free weekend day with me, I think your blog post will help him understand why I think it would be a great thing!

    Thanks so much for sharing! And I love all your sewing projects, I’m so happy you made it to Round 3! 😀

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    1. Thanks Dawn! Your comment made me smile. The other thing I noticed is that my hubs and I have been talking alot more in bed without my phone to be glued on. I am now thinking how awesome it would be if he didnt have his phone there as well ;-). I think a phone free weekend day is a great idea.


  4. Interesting post! Well, I’m so old that I actually remember using the round dial phones and people didn’t have answering machines, either. If you tried to call someone and they weren’t home, you would just have to call back later.

    So, I know that I don’t have to have my cell phone on me 24/7. Sometimes, when I go for a walk, I just leave it at home. I’ve never been a big phone talker, anyway.

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  5. Well done on getting to round 3. I have no doubts that you will cope perfectly with the lined jacket challenge.
    I always find it surprising how many people are glued to phones. I suspect I am showing my age somewhat in that attitude but I really prefer to stay connected directly to the world rather than electronically (she says from a tablet. Doh!). Enjoy your freedom before you replace your phone.

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      1. Totally! I have random conversations with strangers in fabric shops. I really should start a sewing group or something.


  6. I LOVE this post, and what eye candy to finish with! “If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then we’ve boarded up those windows and the soul inside is wilting from lack of light” is so dead on it hurts.

    I’ll whip out my phone if I suddenly forget the address I’m headed to, or “have” to get an email out in the 5 minute walk to somewhere (really, why would the world come to an end if I didn’t?), but I try to look up & at ’em when walking around. I’ve had so many really nice interactions with complete strangers that way. The flip side is, if something’s creeping you out, you can always bury your head in your phone….

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  7. Congratulations on getting through to round 3! With that blouse though there really was no doubt!
    I loved your thoughts on doing without your phone. I dropped mine in the pool on the 2nd day of our recent holiday & I enjoyed not having it as I feel I relaxed more & lived in the moment a bit better. I didn’t get it fixed for over a week when I got home but already I’m back to old habits & really want to make more of an effort to use it less. So I really get why you’re not rushing to get yours fixed.

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  8. Congratulations on moving forward! Can’t wait to see your next creation! I’ve only been without my phone for a few hours at a time, but am always alarmed at how out of touch I feel without it, which is just ridiculous! At a dinner party this weekend, we all noticed how hooked we were to our screens instead of looking at each other, so we put our phones away. But those moments are rare…I think we should have more ‘unplugged days’.

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    1. I like the idea of an unplugged day :-). Another thing I noticed was how I spent more time just talking with my husband in bed at night instead of both of us being on the screen.

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  9. Well done Hila. I look forward to the jacket. I love the backing you used for the blouse – no idea it was so fun inside. And wise words about being constantly connected.


  10. Huzzah! You’re a woman after my own heart. Life without standard TV is fabulous (DVD player is the out, there 😉 ), and life without Facebook is ridiculously productive. My list of UnFinished Objects is diminishing to almost zero…to the point where I must seek new things to add to it. The shock 😮


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