I made it to the Final!

Hello chums!

Shortest post ever:

Wohoo!!!!! I made it to the final!

Wait. They want me to what?…..



For Round 4 of the 2015 Sewing Bee, you must design and sew a contestant outfit for either the opening ceremony of or a specific sport competition in the Olympics. You can select any country to use as your inspiration. Although 2016 is a Summer Olympics year, you can use either the summer or the Winter Olympics. You will have 10 days to cut, sew, and photograph your outfit and submit a review into the contest with the required photos.

Mmmmm I need to spend really think about this one……………………………….any ideas anyone?

As always thanks for stopping by!

Happy Sewing!





47 thoughts on “I made it to the Final!

  1. Yay! I knew you’d do it. Well done! However ….. that is a tricky one!! I think it must be from reading Gertie’s blog recently but the first thing that came into my head was a dirndl!

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  2. Congrats, Hila – well deserved. Your jacket was phenomenal.
    For the Olympics.. hmm.. something impressive would be a ski parka with a big Union Jack on the back. Or a glittery figure skating costume, with beads and whatnot. This is going to be a fascinating challenge – best of luck!

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  3. The Netherlands team wore Suit Supply for their 2012 walkout. It looked awesome. They totally turned to ‘I’m here for the sports! I could do sports at any moment!’ thing on its head. The Germans on the other hand that year….


  4. Well, I’m truely not surprised! It could have been a whole lot worse I suppose. You might get a little more wear out of something sports event led as opposed to ‘red carpet’. Congratulations!!!! xxxx

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  5. How exciting! I don’t know why, but this immediately made me think of Jamaica and something speedo-y (probably because it was both muggy and pushing 30หšC here in Perth today, and I’ve been fantasising about breeze…on beach, with a piรฑa colada in hand…that’s not a particularly Olympian angle though). That Dutch Suit Supply inspiration was kinda awesome though. I can totally see you rocking a fitted orange trench a la http://eu.suitsupply.com/en/news-olympics.html

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  6. Just saw the announcement on instagram and I’m so pleased for you, I actually shouted out loud! At least the final challenge is for the opening ceremony and not an actual event, all I could think of initially were tracksuits and leotards. How about watching the 2012 opening cee

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  7. Bravo! That’s fabulous news!!! Hmmm, the next challenge is a brain-teaser though!! How do they think up these things :)? If you want something wearable out of it, perhaps focussing on the opening ceremony is the way to go. There must be some excerpts to watch on u-tube? Good luck!

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  8. Congratulations! Your contributions have been fabulous so far, so this is well deserved! Good luck on the final challenge, that’s a tricky one!

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    1. Thanks! I forgot to get back to you about the SewBrum meetup. I cant make it becasue of the half term – I am looking after my friends son over the half term and he gets collected on the same day as the meet up. Hopefully next time I can make it.


  9. Very well done Hila. I watched the opening ceremony and the outfits ranged from excellent to horrible. I think Bob Marley’s daughter did the Jamaica outfits and they were wonderful. And while I loved Stella McCartney’s (and whose daughter was she?) sportswear I thought the opening event outfits (white and gold) looked pretty tacky. Anyway you have a great imagination and so much verve something great will strike you. Good luck

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